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March 18, 2012

From Veronica Anderson, TheShticks.com, after reading Hand-held Love on the Exceprts from My Memoir's Page:

"I'm reading your Excerpts from My Memoir's page. I'm at the part where you had to find the words to talk Linda through dying. You talked her through dying, Diane! That touched me so deeply! Your description of Linda's deterioration sounds a lot like my biological mother's own atrocious journey through cancer.

"We were all little when we watched her die for years and then finally one morning she went after hours of agony. At least her mother and sisters were there but us children stood wide-eyed in terror, right there in the room as she vomited some dark liquid, convulsed, grimaced and suffocated. Your descriptive words of Linda's similar death are soothing to me (I'm crying) and, although I haven't gone back there in my mind in a long time, as I read everything you did for your friend your words lulled my own pain. Bless you for writing that! Even though I always felt awful that I wasn't there for my mother (I was 9) your words somehow made me look back at her dying with less fear and pain. The memories that have always felt so terrifyingly scary to relive turned from ghastly shadows in the corner to sun-lit nooks. 

"As I write this I feel a shift in my feelings about that long-lasting childhood nightmare. I feel like you took that little girl I was by the hand (I love the holding hands with Linda part in your story) and lovingly walked her back here to my arms. I couldn't get her out from hiding under the bed but you did it for me. She's safe now with me. God love you!" 

My Comments: How awesome is our God to do such a deep, inner healing in His daughter!? AWESOME!  Jesus set her free from the torment of a traumatic childhood memory. I am blessed, and most humbled - beyond expression - that God would use Linda's story to touch someone's heart in such a way. For that alone, Linda's death was not in vain; nor is the writing of a Hand-held LoveTo God be ALL the Glory!  Hallelujah!