Small Beginnings

Do not despise these small beginnings... 
~ Zech. 4:10

Click.  Click, click, click.  Click.  Click, click.  Ding.

Oh, the song of an electric typewriter…

Some of you might not even remember that sound. 

an encouraging word began back in the early 80’s as a hand-typed/hand-drawn free monthly newsletter. I published it anonymously. I was inspired by The Holy Spirit, Who wouldn't allow the vision for it to fade from me.  I took writings from my journals, quotes that moved me, poetry The Holy Spirit inspired, and I typed.  In those days, there was no "delete" key. I had to "white out" typos by hand, let it dry, and then try to align the paper back up in the typewriter carriage in order to fix my error. UGH!  I cut out, and then pasted (this was long before “cut” and “paste” on the computer) on a blank sheet of paper. It was very time consuming.  Any original writing I did, I used a pen name for - Becky Ree.

I then took my original copy to a printing company and paid them to print out copies. I would come home and fold, staple, address, and stamp. Off my anonymous newsletters went. I started out mailing to a few friends.

After the second month’s mailing, I started getting encouraging words in the mail about how the newsletter came in the nick of time, or helped a hurting heart cope, etc. Could you please put my friend/sister/mother on your mailing list?  “an encouraging word” ended up in 17 states by the time I stopped publishing it.

Soon, I realized from little notes people were sending me that the newsletter was like a devotional to many. Hence, the desire to write a REAL devotional was birthed. I truly love to write SHORT posts. Short and to the point, like a devotional would be.

I even have a name for it "Deep Calls Unto Deep" (Psalm 42:7).

Not sure on how to proceed or what to do, I've waited.

And waited. And waited.

Even to publishing this Page. It has sat here in the editing stage for quite some time now.

Then came two encouraging words a day ago. One from Judi, the Great Pain, Greater God blogger: "Diane, when are you going to write a devotion book or something about your journey?"

And another from Veronica, The, lady: "I loved hearing about how you started aew!  Do you have that story in your blog? I didn't see it that - you should have; add that there if you haven't."

Sigh.  If they only knew...

Okay. Okay...

I think I'm finally tired of waiting.

So, step #1: This Page, Small Beginnings, is going to be published. I'm putting my "dream" out there.

I'm not despising small beginnings...

Thank you for the push, Judi and Veronica! 

P.S. Part of my "something about your journey" was a hand-written book that I gave to my oldest son, Michael, for his HS graduation and Alece's 16th birthday, combined. Neither ever read it. I am slowly chipping away at my faith-walk memoir. If for no one else, for my children and grandchildren someday, so they will one day know the magnitude of God's love, mercy, and power. But, I can tell you unequivocally, it won't be hand written!  Those days are long gone.

Maybe one day my children will actually read it.