Life Mission Statement

Forever Seeking ©
by Diane Ronzino

I seek to be a bridge crossing over the great divide
I seek to be a lighthouse in the midst of the darkest night
I seek to be a mother to the orphan, a friend to one in need
I seek to shine where no light ever goes

     I seek to provide shelter to the homeless, food to the   
     I seek to hug the unlovable one
     I seek to comfort the one who knows only tears
     I seek to be a crutch to the one who cannot stand alone

I seek to mend the heart that has been broken, to heal the   
      memories that are too painful to recall
I seek to understand the one no one will listen to
I seek to trust the one who deserves no trust at all
I seek to hold the hand of the one who has wounded me

     I seek to forgive the most unforgivable act
     I seek to set free the one who is held captive by his own 
          body or mind
     I seek to reach the one everyone else has given up on
     I seek to save the baby whose life the mother wants to end

I seek to be all things to all men
I seek to be consumed by Jesus

Copyrighted 2012 Diane Ronzino

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