The Joys of My Life

On my dresser are photos of my beloved family. 
I share some of them with you.

This is my favorite picture of Jesus. 
Laughing. Joy-filled. Enjoying life abundantly. 
He is the Patriarch of the Ronzino family.

Joe and I on a Sunday afternoon at Croteaux Vineyard - so relaxed

                                               Alece took these photos of Joe - pretty cool

For Joe's Mom - Salud!

    Alece looks good in any kind of hat

Andrew's boulder on our beach - he's home on The Island

                                  Michael and his two girls - Rocky and Rockit

Thank you for finally smiling nicely!

                                            "The Dance" they all do when home together.              
                                             Home is the place where you can always be a kid!

                  Michael's birthday pose

                 Highlight from Alaska cruise - Ziplining over a forest canopy

Everyday of her life - regardless of 
circumstances, even up to age 95 -                                                               
 Mom had this smile on her face

                                         Kodak loves being outdoors in all kinds of weather. 
                                   He is a snow eater!

Kodak when he was a puppy lying on top of a                                                        
              very patient Rockit 

                                 Mom would be proud - even Kodak loves pasta!

Cardinals are my favorites

                                                  Long Island's East End, North Shore sunset

            Nothing like Upstate New York in the winter

                      Another North Shore sunset - I love the East End of Long Island

                                                         Channing Daughter's Vineyard

                          Another reason to love the East End - we have the best wines!