My Personal Health Miracle

The following is an abbreviated excerpt taken from a brochure entitled

In The Nick of Time ©
by Diane Ronzino

It is the story of my physical and emotional healing.

...My leg "problem" started during my second pregnancy and continued for two and a half years.  Pain - chronic pain and "electricity" flowed up and down my legs.  I couldn't stand, walk, or lay in bed with sheets on my legs, without pain.  I could no longer hold my children on my lap.  I would get out of bed or come down the stairs and fall because, suddenly, I'd have no feeling in my legs.  

After the birth of my daughter, I went from doctor to doctor for one and a half years.  Not one doctor could tell me what was wrong with me, but they certainly put me through a gamut of tests and medications.  

I finally went to see a neurologist, and he immediately diagnosed me with "peripheral neuropathy" - the nerve endings in my legs were dying.  I was told that there were volumes of diseases that displayed these symptoms, so now we'd have to find the root disease.  For one full year thereafter, week after week, the doctor would send me for a different test, prescribing different medications.  I progressively got worse.  Never finding the root, I was told to just accept the fact that I'd be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. 

...I locked myself in the bathroom to kill myself, as I truly believed my children were better off without me because I was so out of control.  Despairing and ever so desperate, I sat on the toilet and looked up to Heaven.  
"God, I believe everything happens for a reason.  If you want me to live, then You better do something, because if not, I'm out of here!"  
Immediately, my bathroom filled with the most glorious, blinding Light and a Peace enveloped my being - physically, emotionally, spiritually.  A Peace so extraordinary that there are no adequate words of description.  I just sat and basked in the Presence of God.  I didn't know how, but I knew - that I knew, that I knew - I'd be alright.  That was Sunday.  

I made it through three more days to my scheduled appointment with the nutritionist...

Through a whole course of events, God led me to a nutritionist.  He answered my cries in that bathroom and He gave me the grace to keep my vow to Him after I was healed.

As the nutritionist worked with me, my life, and the life of my family, was forever changed.  On my drive home that day from the nutritionist, I vowed to God that if nutrition helped me, I would study nutrition to help others.  I drastically changed my eating habits and in a matter of weeks, after two and a half years of suffering, my condition was completely gone and I was on my way to becoming emotionally stable.  Proper nutrition allowed my body and mind to heal - it saved my life.  It changed my life.

I kept my vow to The LORD.  I studied and became Certified in Practical Nutrition, as well as a Health Minister.  I also have written a 26-week Biblical health curriculum called Health for Life.  It is meant to be shared in small group settings, as the Holy Spirit can delve deep within us to show the root causes for some of our poor eating habits.  He heals those root causes and we become free to eat healthy. It is my honor and pleasure to help others regain their physical and emotional health.  

Be encouraged: God has heard your cries.  He has an answer for you, just as He did for me.  He cares and I care.

Be encouraged: God has an answer for you, and you can improve the quality of your health!

Copyrighted 2012 Diane Ronzino