Saturday, February 4, 2017

Thank You To My Blogging Family

I've awakened and stretched my wings

My long, three-year and three-month ordeal has come to a God-glorifying conclusion.  In this last week God moved upon, and through, the opposing attorney.  Not mine.  What transpired is truly a book-worthy miracle.

Knowing this day would come, I've tried several times to pen an appropriate thank you to you, my blogging family, for your prayers and encouragement to me along this long and challenging journey. Truly, I do not have adequate words...If only I could convey the gratitude that fills my heart for you...

Due to all the deep inner healings during these past three years, I'm becoming more and more the woman who Abba originally designed me to be while I was in my mother's womb.  Before dysfunctional family changed His original design. He took me out of 60 years of dysfunction and placed me in a place of solitude. He cocooned me in, inside His Holy Presence, where I was still and rested in Abba's pure, undefiled Love and allowed Love to have His way in me.  Love healed so many new and old wounds and took away scar tissues that accumulated over the years allowing the healing to be deep and complete leaving only soft, pink, healthy flesh.  Then, He breathed His Breath of Life into these dry bones.  I've awakened and stretched my wings like a beautiful butterfly emerging.  To say I'm ready to fly is an understatement.  I am already flying.  To say I'm a changed woman is an understatement.  I am enjoying getting to know the original version of His Diane.

From the deepest place in my heart thank you for walking this journey with me.  Thank you for holding me up when I stumbled. Thank you for crying with me as you allowed yourself to experience my pain.  Thank you for your kindness and empathy and non-judgments. 

Thank you for praying for me!  I am who I am in this moment in part because of you, my blogging family.  And I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you.

Because of Him and Unto Him,
The Retired Wife


Melanie Ghauri said...

Love you mucho Di. That's what friends are for.... Keep smiling .. keep shining :)

Floyd Samons said...

Thrilled for you!!!!!

It was an honor to pray for you, sister. In the end that will be our best gifts this side of heaven we can give to one another.

What a joy to see yours!

Caroline said...

Sweet Diane , I have happy tears for You Arriving at the Place of pure Freeing, Energized place of Unsurpassed Peace your Abba Perfectly designed for You.
How could I not be there for the beautiful lady who makes it so easy to be there for. You are the inspirer, the encourager, the genuine , warms the heart blogger and friend who was helping her readers no matter what she wrote about. I know as most of your other readers friends know., you were helping us also to grow in Emmanual on so important different levels , some of hindsight through also, over the 3 years 3 months.To Your Perfect Freedom Beautiful Lady. Time of Celebration. Love u

Veronica Shticks Anderson said...

Being able to witness this day is truly a privilege for me!

Betty Draper said...

Most good things have to age to reach the peek of perfection, good wine, cheese, cured ham, and hearts that tear and repair, tear some more then repair again They say that is is how you get big muscles, they tear, repair and repeat that process over and over. That is exactly what happen to your heart and God knew how much tearing it would take to repair it and make it fit for His use. NOW, the time has come to flex that strong heart and use it to help others who are in different stages of their journey. I am with the others, it's been an honor to read, comment, cry, laugh, read some more, see your heart through your words, to watch you grow. We are the blessed ones that God would allow us to be a part of your healing and your future. I still have this longing to someday meet you face to face, see that smile shine like the sun. It's been wonderful to have you as a blog friend Diane, you have made my life fuller with your friendship. thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life..

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you, all! I appreciate your kind words and your active roles in my life. I love you all!