Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's Not An Ending, But A Beginning

All good thing must come to an end.                                                                ~ Geoffery Chaucer, 1374
And an encouraging word was a good thing.  I've been writing an encouraging word in one form or another for over 30 years.  It was a part of whom I was. A part of my identity.

Since I am now a "retired" wife, God has me retiring a few things in my life as well.  And an encouraging word is one of them.

Thank you for all the years you have followed me.  I found some of my dearest friends through this blog. And I will always be grateful for that and for you, the readers.  I pray you found encouragement when needed.  You are welcome to join me in my new blogging venture at  I look forward to hearing from you over at Hadarah.  This is the mark of a new season in life.

With love and my heart letting go, I say goodbye to my blog, but hopefully, not to you.

God bless you.

As always: Because of Him and Unto Him,

Monday, February 13, 2017

See With Your Heart

God is an imaginative, creative Being, wouldn’t you agree?  After all, He created octopuses and spiders, elephants and you and I.  And He created mankind in His own image and likeness.  Therefore, we are imaginative, creative beings as well.

As young children entering into the school system in America, we are quickly taught that we are not allowed to be imaginative anymore. God-for-bid you are caught looking out a window daydreaming or doodling!  We learn at an early age to squelch our imaginations.  In art class, they put an apple on a table and we were told to paint what we see.  Meaning what you see with your eyes. But, the greatest artists in history have used their spiritual eyes - their imaginations.  That is the mark of genius.  
A few years back, I participated in a drawing exercise.  A statement was put on the blackboard and you had to draw your interpretation of it using three separate boxes. As soon as the exercise began, everyone started drawing. However, I sat with my eyes closed for quite a while. I imagined, then drew. The results surprised even me. 
Out of everyone doing the exercise, I was the only one who did not draw the exact image the statement portrayed. And I was the only one who did not do it in box #1, then #2, then #3 order.  The instructor’s reaction was very profound. So much so that she kept asking me questions about it.  She literally sat there staring at me with her mouth open, shaking her head.  And she could not get over that I didn’t draw in order yet it made perfect sense. She told me that she could tell from my imagery of the statement and the use of the boxes that I was a “deeply spiritual person”. She had never met me before that one class and knew nothing about who I am. 
To this day, I daydream, especially when stressed.  “THINK on things that are good and lovely….”  “Think on” means to imagine it; to daydream about it. To this day, I have certain daydreams I settle my mind on when I cannot sleep at night. It relaxes me and I drift off.  

The genius, Einstein, said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Einstein! 
Why would Einstein 
believe such a thing?  Because he had to have imagined it before he could create it or find an answer to his quest of discovery. Just like God. Before we were created in our mother’s womb, God knew us - through His Imagination.  We were imagined first. in. The. Heart. of. God. Then created in the womb.

So, let me ask you: Is your imagination of God skewed?  How do you imagine God Almighty?  Do you actually ever visualize Him?  Only when you’ve read all of the Bible - all the Old Testament and the New - do you get a proper “image” of God.  You can’t even have the proper image of Jesus Christ without the imagines of God and His Spirit from the Old Testament. For “They” are One God.  What is your image of Him?  Does it align with Who He actually is?

May you ponder these questions.

Because of Him and Unto Him, 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Danger, Will Robinson!

It is 6:08 in the morning. I tuned into the weather channel this morning because I needed to make a decision about canceling Bible study for tomorrow.

The report is 6-10" of snow hitting Long Island tomorrow beginning in the morning.

Wouldn't you know? I ran out of milk yesterday, so that means I must hit the store VERY early this morning or there will be no milk to purchase because everyone goes into panic mode.

Most people listen to the weather channel with more respect and belief than they do The Word of God.   The report is 6-10".  We could get 3". We could get 24".  No one ever knows.  But, we act as if the weatherman's words are accurate and belief-worthy.

Geez, we even heeded the words of The Robot in the Lost In Space TV show.  When he yelled, "Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!", I'd be on the edge of my seat. Ut-oh!

God Almighty warns us throughout all of Scripture of dangers.  Do we heed Them?  Do we respect His Words and believe those Words as much as we do the weather report or a TV show?

He guides us in what our thought patterns should be like - for our own good.  He declares to us all His spiritual laws that are in effect in the universe so we can understand how our behaviors will affect our lives going forward.  He affirms His Love for us so that we can walk in freedom and victory and hope and faith as His children.

But, the majority of Christ-believers that I know give more honor, respect, and allegiance to the weathermen than they do Christ's Words.

Oh, what a sad society we live in.  Those who choose to live by true faith in The Son of God and His Words written down for our well-being are truly a minority.  I stand in that minority.

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Thank You To My Blogging Family

I've awakened and stretched my wings

My long, three-year and three-month ordeal has come to a God-glorifying conclusion.  In this last week God moved upon, and through, the opposing attorney.  Not mine.  What transpired is truly a book-worthy miracle.

Knowing this day would come, I've tried several times to pen an appropriate thank you to you, my blogging family, for your prayers and encouragement to me along this long and challenging journey. Truly, I do not have adequate words...If only I could convey the gratitude that fills my heart for you...

Due to all the deep inner healings during these past three years, I'm becoming more and more the woman who Abba originally designed me to be while I was in my mother's womb.  Before dysfunctional family changed His original design. He took me out of 60 years of dysfunction and placed me in a place of solitude. He cocooned me in, inside His Holy Presence, where I was still and rested in Abba's pure, undefiled Love and allowed Love to have His way in me.  Love healed so many new and old wounds and took away scar tissues that accumulated over the years allowing the healing to be deep and complete leaving only soft, pink, healthy flesh.  Then, He breathed His Breath of Life into these dry bones.  I've awakened and stretched my wings like a beautiful butterfly emerging.  To say I'm ready to fly is an understatement.  I am already flying.  To say I'm a changed woman is an understatement.  I am enjoying getting to know the original version of His Diane.

From the deepest place in my heart thank you for walking this journey with me.  Thank you for holding me up when I stumbled. Thank you for crying with me as you allowed yourself to experience my pain.  Thank you for your kindness and empathy and non-judgments. 

Thank you for praying for me!  I am who I am in this moment in part because of you, my blogging family.  And I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you.

Because of Him and Unto Him,
The Retired Wife