Thursday, December 29, 2016

Goodness Causes Good

2016 is drawing to a close.  Everyone always looks ahead to the New Year coming in.  Everyone wants it to be a better year in 2017 because of all the negatives of 2016.  

But, do we ever stop and reflect on the goodness this year brought us? For surely we did have good things in our lives this year, regardless of the negatives. For the Goodness of our God, causes all things to work for the good in our lives. We just need to see those good things.

I decided to do just that this morning. I reflected on the good of this past year, as I want the good to overshadow the negative:

1.  I handled my landlord with grace and kindness.

2.  I’ve allowed the healing, healing, healing of my soul and emotions.

3.  I made the life-altering decision of moving out of Southold (my place of "hiding") to my own little place.

4.  I became actively involved in church. Again.

5.  My creative juices flowed as I created cards - a long-time heart’s desire to create cards coming to fruition.

6.  The long-ago vision of my “Forgiveness Rendered” story being made into a little book is almost complete.

7.  I stood up to a man in church who was getting too friendly with his hands.  Victory!  

8.  And I did it with grace and kindness.  

9.  I said, “No” to someone who requested something of me that would take me off course.  Victory!

10. I made the decision (which I was unable to do for years) to let my hair grow.

11. I’ve continued to face my “Goliath” with courage and in The Spirit, walking in grace and kindness - being me. 

12. I have not hoarded money out of fear of the future but, continued to give, give, give.

13. I’ve stayed Golden - true to who I am.

14. I didn’t try to justify myself or even have a need to explain myself to someone's judgments of me for I know the truth of who I am. Victory!

15. Even though I shed a few tears, I didn’t allow those judgments to cause rejection to take root, to overpower me, cause me guilt or anger. 

16. I have allowed change, change, and more change and am continuing to become God’s original design of Diane.

17. Abba gave me strength to stand in this world alone.  Something, three years ago I could not envision myself doing.  This past year, I find that I stood straight and tall with an unceasing smile on my face.

It has been a good year. Why?  Because our Abba is a Good, Good Father Who bestows His Goodness unto us.  Thank You, Abba!  Thank You for all You did FOR me.  Thank You for all You did IN me!  I bless Your Holy Name!  To You be the Glory.

*** My OneWord resolution for 2017: “FULLNESS”  (…that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. ~ Eph. 3:19b)  To be filled with the fullness of God's Goodness is my goal -  my aim - for 2017.

A blessed 2017 to you!

Because of Him and Unto Him,