Monday, September 19, 2016

Unlike Floyd

My blogging friend, Floyd, of Finding Floyd, consistently publishes his posts every Sunday.  Like clockwork.  I expect to read him.  Usually on Monday mornings.  Like clockwork.  That so impresses me.  His consistency in publishing reveals he is a serious writer.  Even the place where he writes - in his local eatery.  There he sits, coffee and pen and paper.  Focused. He is a "ready writer" as Scripture calls it.

I have tried many times over the years to do that very thing.  But, unlike Floyd, I get so distracted. People watching, birds singing, etc. calls my attention away from my inner creativity.  Inspiration wanes.  Words get stuck somewhere unknown to me.  Thoughts hide as the intruders intrude.

In this new place where I live, they have a small "business area" where you can go and use their computers.  I've thought maybe that would be a good place to write.  Nope, too sterile an environment.  We have an outdoor "cabana" area adjacent to the pool. Comfy couches, TV, etc. I've thought, that might be a great place to write.  Nope. Too humid out. And because I imagine there must be bees drinking in the nectar from all the different flowers, I prefer not to disturb them.  (Yeah, sure!)

My pen
And so, here I sit, in my chair in my living room. In the dark.  In the stillness.  In the quiet. Encased in The Holy Presence of God. Focused. Wondering as I type where the words will lead. It's usually a surprise to me.

I'm not sure the path these particular words have taken, but this I am sure of: It's OK that I'm not as consistent as Floyd or other bloggers, like my daughter.  I am me.  I am the writer that my Father created me to be.  Different. Undisciplined at times. Challenged in the focus department sometimes.

But, this, too, I am sure of: My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I write compositions concerning The King; my fingers are the pen of a ready writer.  (Psalm 45:1)  I write truth. I seek to inspire others to see the goodness of our God. I write to encourage and it's all Because of Him and Unto Him,


Betty Draper said...

Isn't there such freedom when we just be ourselves and appreciate others how they are. It matters not how much we write my sister, quantity is not what God's is after, it's the quality of our words that matter. Just took a stroll over at your daughters place...good stuff there, easy to see where she gets her talent for writing. Love you my blog friend..

Diane Ronzino said...

Amen, Betty! And thank you...I love you too!

Floyd Samons said...

It's funny; the things others might see as strengths, are too often weaknesses. My OCD tends to make me so regimented that I miss out on the beautiful gifts from our Father too often.

I so appreciate how you write truth and share your heart with the intention to stir the hearts of others. It's a gift; one you do well… "I write Truth"… I guess you can't do any better than that, sister.

Thanks for sharing again from your heart… those are always the most encouraging words.

Caroline Sobota said...

Ever the encourager and so genuine you are Sweet Diane. You want an example of another distract able person, well let me tell...I read this blog almost a month ago and wrote a once reply, I then realized the nxt day it was not published. Was too exhausted , due to some somewhat minor illness I have. Then said I would write another reply in a day or 2 to connect, and It was not till today that I decided to look up your blog again. Sinificantly worsened memory In recent months is another symptom so I went to see if there was a reply lol to a entry that was not there. Although my Faith feels somewhàt weakened this week, some very painful n scary things going on, my lost voice dream is staying alive. Although I am not good at it , I want to write something n work toward that. My original inspirer , Andr'ea a friend , an author died in April. God strokes my creative passions but I am failing in that obedience.
Back to distractilbility... now it's getting cold outside n in, it's my new distrability However walking in the fall weather in nature often gets my creative juices flowing which in today's day in social media will help my business. I pray and can you ,please pray for a breakthrough for social media to get done for C & H Dehydrator Gear Dryers and our housing situation. Love you xxOOO00