Thursday, September 8, 2016

Not the Band

Jars of Clay.

No, not the band.  Us.
But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.  ~ II Cor. 4:7
I am an indoor-plant lover. When I was a girl, my mother's plants adorned our home.  They were all in the same nothing special, nothing pretty, terracotta, clay pots.  That was the only kind of flowerpots there were in the "olden days".  Today, everything is plastic and colorful; ceramic and decorative.  

The eye is drawn to the planter
My friend, Isabel, is also a plant lover and her plants are housed in those kinds of decorative ceramic flowerpots.  One is prettier than the other. When I travel to visit her, one of the first things I do when I get to her home is step into her plant room (she has a plant room! Oh, a touch of Heaven...).  I walk around admiring her pots thinking, I need to start buying some of these kinds of flowerpots.  I check to see if there are any new additions to the room. And then I notice the plants.  I serendipitously take a second walk around examining them, as I ooh and aah.  

God wants us "earthen vessels" to be like jars of clay: plain, unobtrusive, ordinary pots which hold His extraordinarily beautiful Agape that is to be poured out of us to a hurting world.  

Why ordinary clay pots?  Why not expensive ceramic ones?  

So that others first see and admire the beauty of God within us, not the vessel containing that beauty.  He doesn't want us to be like me walking around Isabel's plant room where my eyes first go to the planters then to the plant.  No, He wants "the plant" to be the first thing others notice.  We should be enamored with the God we see in someone, not someone cause they have God.  There is a huge difference!

As my fingers are typing, I realize that 99% of my plants are in cheap, plastic flower pots.  You would think that I, as a plant lover, would invest money in beautiful pottery to house them in.  I never have.  And even though, as I leave Isabel's plants behind determining in my heart to purchase beautiful planters, I never do.  And I could never understand what my problem was.

It just dawned on me as I'm typing: It's my beautiful plants that catch the eye.  Not their containers.


...Maybe all this about back and forth for years about pots for my plants was more about a blog post - a lessened learned - than actually upgrading my flowerpots.  Oh, thank You, Abba!

Don't you just love the way our Father teaches us His most valuable Truths?  I sure do!  

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Floyd Samons said...

Wow… that's a great analogy and lesson. It is about what we produce. And the three piece suit means nothing if the soul cage isn't honoring the Creator. Good lesson and reminder, Diane. Thanks.

Betty Draper said...

I am with you my sister 100 percent on this one. I have live plants in all of my rooms except bathroom, no window there. It's a money issue with me on the planter I put them in. I can have more plants when I use the cheaper plastic pots. I have decorated some of those just for fun with the grandchildren. Before we moved in with our son our apartment had a nice small fenced in patio and I loved decorating it with plants and flowers in pots. It was my sanctuary but I have lost that in the house we share with children running all over the back yard. And someone gave our son an above ground pool so the view of a huge tree is gone. I have had sort of a grieving time due to this loss but am finally out of it and got my focus in a better place. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this analogy because it's an across the board analogy for putting Christ first. For sure my clay pot has tons of cracks and want to use it for the Kingdom of God while I am still here. I know you have loss your big house and probably some of your treasures that one builds through the years. But I sense in your post the pruning going on has made you more fruitful and pliable in the potters hands. Trials do that if we allow them do and not try to fix our cracked pots. They are not to be fixed but the cracks give breathing room so the light can shine out. Have just prayed for you as I type.

Diane Ronzino said...

Floyd, I love your "three piece suit means nothing" line....made me I just read your latest post. First Class means nothing either!

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, My Betty....thanks for sharing. I sure know the grieving I'd go through too if I were in your position....

My bathrooms also have no windows. No light, no plants.

Love, love, love, AND APPRECIATE, your insights and Wisdom!