Monday, August 22, 2016

Is it Snuggle Time Yet?

Kodak and I do this "snuggle" thing every night.  I lay on the floor and "spoon" with him and I talk "sweet nothings" in his ears.

No, this is not Kodak. And that is not me.

I just got up off the floor and I was asking him if he wanted to eat.  As the words came out of my mouth, I had this revelation:

Kodak never stresses about his daily needs: food, water, going out to pee and poop. And even play time.  He knows - KNOWS - those needs will be met by me for he is totally dependent on me.

His survival is based on my faithfulness.

His provision for daily care is met by me.  He doesn't stress about whether or not I bought his food. He doesn't wonder if there will be dinner tonight.  Nope.  He rests in peace knowing I will meet all of his needs.  He will verbalize those needs.  When he needs to pee, he lets me know.  If he's hungry, he lets me know. And I, faithfully, "read" his needs and I provide.  Even if he is so patient and he doesn't give me signs, I know what he needs, wants.  And I take care of those things.


We are not any different than Kodak.  Our Father knows our needs and our wants.  His provision is already there.  I don't need to wonder if He will provide because He just does.  I don't need to wonder if we can have "snuggle time" together.  Of course, we can.  He waits patiently for me, just as Kodak does every night.  If I get caught up in something or a TV show, Kodak lays quiet. Every now and then, he "talks" to me, as if to say, "Here I am, don't forget me".

Our Father does the same thing as our faithful companions.  He gently nudges us as if to say, 'Here I am, don't forget Me".

As Kodak is totally dependent on me, I am totally dependent on my Father.

My survival is based on His faithfulness.

A W E S O M E!  

How about you?  Are you TOTALLY dependent on Abba?

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Pam said...

Love the analogy of how a dog trusts so wholeheartdly as we should our Father. Beautiful thoughts here, Diane!

Diane Ronzino said...

Hi Pam! Thank you for stopping by!

Floyd Samons said...

That's great! I have this though often about my dog Larry. We're dependent on Him for all things… even the things we think we have control over… Although, thumbs are a pretty good gift…!

Crown of Beauty said...

Diane, your analogy of how Kodak trusts you for all his needs is so right on. I lost my 14 year old faithful Basset hound/Dachshund pet a few months ago, and the year before that, my 9 year old dachshund... And today I have three local breed dogs who are also fast growing up to be awesome pets... They all literally "adore" me... watch my every move... and obey me. They know me and instinctively know what I want. They want to please me. They know how to show their love.... etc. etc. I just love your Kodak stories! But this one really brought home a major point. Much love, Lidia

Diane Ronzino said...

Thanks, Floyd and Lydia!

Lydia, I'm so sorry about your faithful companions. I know, firsthand, how it is a tremendous loss in our lives when we lose our faithful dogs. Thanks for coming by to read. I love you!