Monday, July 11, 2016

Enlightened Counter Tops Enlightens the Soul

Well, I moved into the new apartment complex.  In the process of still being built, I'm on the ground floor of one of the two buildings that are complete. Everything is brand spanking new.  Want to know what brought me to tears as I took possession of my new home?

No, this is not my kitchen, but
mine lights up just the same
Lights under my kitchen cabinets.

When I tried a switch on the wall to see which light it was to, the counter tops lit up.  I burst into tears of joy and praised my Abba for His Goodness and His delight in pleasing me...

For years I had asked my husband to update our old kitchen. Nope. I asked to have someone come (because the husband couldn't have been bothered) and install lights under our kitchen cabinets.  Nope.

What man cannot/will not do, our wonderful, good, good Father does!  And for one reason only: to please His children, to bring delight to their souls, and tears of joy to their faces.  Now, that is Love!

A simple thing such as this.  Something never "prayed" about. Not even a deep "longing" on my part. Just a little something He knew about me.  By blessing me with this tiny desire, Abba showed me His Intimate Love toward me.  And if He did this tiny little thing, how much more He will do for the huge things I need?  Lesson learned, Father.  Thank You!

I don't know which is brighter: my counter tops or my soul.  For He has enlightened both!  Oh, Hallelujah!

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Crown of Beauty said...

Hi dear friend
I have not been on blogworld much the past weeks. Today is one of those rare weeks that I am actually working on my long overdue blog posts. And I saw on the sidebar that there is a new post from you. So here I am.

Indeed, what a delight. What an unexpected surprise. Abba Father is like that. And your post encouraged me so much. Because there are issues in my heart that I am leaving in the hands of the Father. Yes, your post encouraged me big time. Thank you, Diane!


Roseann Brower said...

Such a sweet post. Diane, I love how you share your sweet spirit. You show how our Lord is personally in our lives. God Bless You and Keep Writing.
Be Blessed in Jesus, Roseann

Betty Draper said...

I'm doing a little, thank you Jesus" dance for you my friend. Your kitchen looks lovely.

Pam said...

I love how God plans such "little" yet "big" surprises for us, Diane. I can feel your joy in His Heart. The father who is always thinking of the child He treasures. And He does...treasure you. Yesterday there was a spam comment in my blog about a post where I wrote about something He delights in giving us little delights. The person simply wrote LOL. I've been thinking of how much that person is missing. Understanding of such simple grace moments. THe shrugging off of something sweet as cornball or nuts. And I pray God will reveal His heart whispers to that one. For it's whispers like this one you've written of that bring Him so close! Blessings!

Floyd Samons said...

That is awesome. It's sometimes the little things that mean so much and show the detail of the love that our Father provides. Thanks for the reminder and example of a thankful heart, sister.