Monday, June 27, 2016

Yes? No? Maybe?

Phone call #1:

“Diane, the new tenant was wondering if she could have your air conditioners.”

“I’m sorry, no, they are promised to others.”

“Are you taking them with you?”

“No, they are promised to others.”

Phone call #2:

“Diane, the new tenant will give you $300 for the air conditioners.”

        Temptation #1:  Man, $300 would come in handy right about now…

“No, I’m sorry, they are promised to others.”

But, Diane! $300!

       My word is worth more than $300, isn’t it?  
              He who swears to his own hurt… ~ Psalm 15:4
       LORD, my word is my bond, my word is my oath - even if it costs me.

“No, I’ve given my word.”  

"Are you sure?"

        Temptation #2:  Am I?  I could just come up with an excuse to the others.  They would never know...

"Yes! I am sure."

I gave my word (He who swears) even unto my own hurt (not receiving $300). I may be shy $300, but my heart is wearing a smile.

YES, I am sure!

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Betty Draper said...

I took some time today to read a few past post and now have a better understanding of where you are, a new place. Even as I write those words, "a new place" I realize there has been great pain getting to where you are now. But from this post I can see your love for living for Him has not taken a fall, you are still a woman of integrity. How God loves integrity and He blesses it in so many ways. You sticking to your word spoke volumes to those who wanted you to break it for them. Bless you.

Floyd Samons said...

Good for you, sister. God will multiply that $300 bucks ten times over. I'm so encouraged and refreshed when I see people stick to the character traits of our Father. And yeah, the heart wears a smile for it... well said.

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you both, my friends!