Monday, June 13, 2016

All It Takes Is A Pinch

Seems you can take anything good and decent, no matter how big, how grand, and even a pinch of pride can poison the whole kit and caboodle.                                                                     ~ Floyd Samons
A pinch of pride is all it takes to ruin something good?  Such a minute amount?  UGH.

I'm right, you're wrong. 

No, I'm right, you're wrong.

Such thoughts and attitudes can ensnare our hearts.

Such was the case a week ago with a friend.  I KNOW what she said.  She KNOWS what she said; however, we have two completely different versions of what she said.  I am not a fighter.  I usually concede quickly as to keep the peace.  However, this day was different for some reason.  And even though I could hear Dr. Phil in my head, "Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?", my mental reply was, "I don't WANT to be right, I AM RIGHT!"  Woah! The pinch of pride that I started with was quickly escalating into a mound.

The prideful attitude of "I'm right, your wrong" can set into motion circumstances that we may later regret.  Yeah, OK.

STUBBORNNESS IS AS IDOLATRY!  (1 Samuel 15:23) Ok, that did it.  I conceded.

We both apologized and decided to move on, putting our "rightness" behind us.  A few days later, I read Floyd's words on his blog.  I was being set up: the whole kit and caboodle (our friendship) was about to be poisoned.  By MY pride.  UGH.

Thank You, Abba, for Your Word being that two-edged sword to my soul and thank You for Floyd's words confirming that I did the right thing.  

Can anyone relate?

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Betty Draper said...

Ok, my toes are bruised pretty deep. Needed reminder...

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, I'm in such good company!

Floyd Samons said...

Imagine my surprise to stop by and catch up and find I get to be a part in your life. I gotta tell you, I'm truly honored. Your take and dissection of the whole subject drove it home for me even deeper. Blessings to you, sister. And thanks again for that same reminder!

Diane Ronzino said...

I'm glad you were surprised, Floyd. It's not every day we get to do that to a friend. Your words hit home to me more times than I can count. That's why I love your book of quotes! Floydisms! LOVE THEM!

You have Wisdom and it's shared so extraordinarily through your storytelling. Your words have impact, Floyd. Don't ever doubt that.