Monday, April 18, 2016

i am Within The I Am

met a Man.  His Name is Jesus.  He changed my life.

His Humanness my aspiration.
His God-ness my strength.

strength to have braved the dark
aspiration to be more like Him

i know a Man.  His Name is Jesus.  He is my personal self-improvement guru.

improve myself, I allow Him to do
my aspiration and strength lead me to

i am intimate with a Man.  His Name is Jesus.  He is constantly doing math within me.

adding abundant life - Love, Peace, Joy
subtracting the negatives of the inner man of my heart
multiplying Agape in and through me
dividing the bad and ugly resulting in the good

i am one with a Man.  His Name is Jesus.
He prayed that I would be One with our
    Father as He is One with Him

tightly abiding in Him
listening, hearing, I know His Voice
having Wisdom and knowledge of His Word
having deep, fulfilling intimacy with the One Who gave His Life for me

i am within The I AM.
The I AM within me.
We are One.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Songs at Night said...

i am so grateful for the ability to draw close to HIM. He beckons, How can I NOT draw close! He brings this awareness and fills me up. Excellent - just excellent. Thank you, Sister!

Betty Draper said...

So needed to read this Diane. I had a grief breakdown last night, could not keep my mind off the grave where my Mom's body lie. It's the final goodbye here and everything with in me wants my Mom back, even though I know where she is and know she is not in pain and her broken body is brand new. Faith in the knowledge of the word does not mean grief will not be there, it's part of the healing from loss journey. I knew, that man Jesus was with me in this journey and was saying it's alright Betty, cry, grieve, it's part of the loss journey. thanks sister for this beautiful powerful truth.

Diane Ronzino said...

Betty, I'm so glad to hear you are allowing yourself to go through the process of grieving. It is a process. Sometimes, it hits you in waves when you least expect it. Jesus is saying it's OK. It surely is. And He surely is with you.

My heart aches for you and I wish I could hug you and hand you a tissue. I lost my mom at 19. I cannot imagine having her in my life all these years then having to say goodbye. My gosh...I can't imagine your loss.

When my mother in law passed, the thing that hit me the hardest, was that she was no longer here to pray for us and our children. That was the biggest loss to me.

I understand, Betty, and I am here day or night. Call, text, email. FB message me. I'm as close as the phone.

Diane Ronzino said...

Nancy, I so know your relationship with our LORD. I knew you would understand this poem. Love to you!

Caroline said...

Thank you for being here for inspiration In Jesus.I know I too gain strengh in God. When iam in the I AM options come to light unless I am there,especially when something happens like today.I just hope to get past our current critical. financial debacles and i am sensitive and awake enough to take in the Holy Spirit.

Diane Ronzino said...

I will keep you in prayer, Caroline. Remember He is your Provider. Before you even knew you had a need, His provision was there. In place. Keep the faith.

When you can start driving again, I think you should check out Victorious Overcomers at my church. I'm one of the Table Leaders of the program. It will be life changing for you! It is for me!

Love you.

Caroline said...

Thank you for your u too

Caroline said...

Thank you for your u too