Wednesday, April 20, 2016

High Def Vision

The chorus to the song, Day To Feel Alive, is this:
Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh-oh Oh-oh, what a day to feel alive Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh-oh Oh-oh, what a day to feel alive
This is one of my songs from my "kitchen playlist", which I listen to as I do kitchen work. The problem is I usually end up dancing around my kitchen rather than taking care of the task at hand.  I’ve even shut the stove off to allow the physical side of me to express my “aliveness”.

Never in my whole life had I ever felt so alive as I do now.  Alive with the “abundant life” Jesus came to give us.  I’ve read John 10:10 a gazillion times, taught on it countless times.  And I always had this twinge inside me, “But, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced it, LORD”. 

Now I know “abundant life” is a state of being.  It’s being exactly where God wants you, doing what He has called you to do, allowing Him to heal and set you free, which produces an exuberant joy.  

Never, in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined me being like this two years ago after the shock of finding out about my husband’s secret sinful life. 

Never did I imagine, as God separated me out of this unholy alliance, that it would produce such freedom to be who I was created to be. 

Never did I imagine that the gifts of The LORD, that used to operate through me, would be back with such anointing.   

Never did I imagine that I could see, literally - I’m talking literally - in HD.  Everything in life is now so bright and perfectly clear; focused with such clarity that it is as if I had been blind my whole life and now I see colors for the first time.  

Another “kitchen” song’s chorus is:
So tell me I’m dreaming (Oh woah) Cause’ I can’t hold back these tears I cry And you (but I sing “I”) never looked more beautiful tonight (Oh woah) So if I’m dreaming (Oh woah) Don’t wake me up, I’m so alive Wish you could see what I see through these eyes of mine~ Chorus to Beautiful Tonight by Westlife

Thank You, Abba, for separating me from the unholy alliance we had become.  Thank you for releasing me from his passive-egressive, strong Type A personality that he was so proud of being.  Thank You, that in the midst of those dark, dark days of finding out truth, You already saw this day, this time, this place which You would have me in.  When all I could see was devastation and ashes, You saw beauty.  The beauty of abundant life that awaited me.  The beauty of being who I was created to be now that the strong Type A personality no longer has me suppressed.  Thank You, Abba, that now I am free to laugh freely, love intensely, hug deeply, and to dance around my kitchen.  All because You have brought me back to Life - to Your abundant Life.  Thank You for giving me clarity in seeing "through these eyes of mine".  I must now be seeing as You see…thank You, my Father.  Thank You!  I bow before You in gratitude.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Songs at Night said...

I had to laugh because I think I prayed a similar prayer. I used to say it would have been better if the kid's Father would just have died. He made it so hard for everyone - especially after he left. He once told me, " I see you praying" good luck with that! And he WAS a Christian. Thanks for a good share., I do the SAME thing in my kitchen. Even get my tambourine at times. :)

Betty Draper said...

Dance sister, dance. God smiles at your freedom.

Diane Ronzino said...

Wow, Nancy, " I see you praying" good luck with that!" Wow...I'm so sorry that we are now in the same sisterhood. UGH. But, we can now dance in our kitchens! Thank You, LORD!

Diane Ronzino said...

Amen, Betty, and as I'm dancing, The LORD is rejoicing over me with joy! What an imagine that is! Does rejoicing include dancing? I wonder...A Spirit filled, Heavenly Dance....your Mom now knows and one day we will too, my friend. We will too!

Floyd Samons said...

Wow. Awesome! Sometimes the things we lose and suffer from the most is the very things that God uses to bring us closer to Him, which is pure peace and joy.

What an encouraging post! Thanks for sharing, Diane. Think I'll do me some singing!

pam said...

So beautiful to hear you singing here, Diane. A precious gift only He can bring... One time when I got new contact lenses, my distance view was so incredible (I could see every leaf on trees far away) that it shocked me how wondrous it was to see so clearly. (The only problem was that I couldn't see up close well - so they had to readust to make both views correct. But it gave me a taste of how truly we are meant to see and will in heaven. I think He's giving you a foretaste! :)