Monday, March 14, 2016

Be MY God?

And I, The LORD, will be their God...

                         And, give them a heart to know Me                  ~ The LORD God Almighty, as recorded in Ezekiel 34:24 & Jeremiah 24:7

GOD will be our personal I AM - Whatever we are in need of.

He will be our personal Owner, Benefactor, Healer of our Diseases

Our personal Deliverer, Rescuer, Forgiver

Our personal Cheerleader, Father, Husband  

Our personal Friend, Encourager, Provider 

Our personal Redeemer, Teacher, Intercessor

Our personal Peace, Joy, Grace

Our personal Champion, Knight-in-shinning-Armor, Transformer

Our personal Judge, Vindicator, Advocate

Our personal Freedom, Sanctifier, Power

Our personal Strength, Mercy, Love

Our personal Wisdom, Banner-over-Us, Leader

Our personal Warrior, All Sufficiency, Holiness

Our personal Righteousness, Truth, Patience

Our personal Kindness, Goodness, Justice

Our personal Beginning and End, Blesser, Empower-er

Our personal Morality, Defense, Bravery

Our personal Coach, Invincible Army, Compassion

Our personal Empathizer, Beauty, Blessedness

Our personal Freedom, Glory, Goodness

Our personal Knowledge, Perfection, Truthfulness

Our personal Spirituality, Consoler, Repairer-of-the-Breach

Our personal Unifier, Knowledge, Wisdom

Our personal Conscience, Light, Way 

Our personal Life, Security, Virtue

Our personal Tolerance, Sensitivity, Self-control

Our personal Resource, Orderliness, Endurance

Our personal Humility, Generosity, Honor

Our personal Gratefulness, Joyfulness, Educator

Our personal Contentment, Defense, Dependability

Our personal Boldness, Justifier, Sound Mind

Our personal Jury, Champion, Decisiveness

Our personal Companion, Teacher, Trainer

Our personal Coach, Lifter-of-our-Heads, Encourager

Our personal Sin-Convictor, Breath in our Lungs, Lie Replacer

Our personal Energizer, Gift-giver, Match-Maker

Our personal Covenant Keeper, Merry-Heart Maker, Healer of     
     Emotional Scars 

Our personal Sound-mind Maker, Abundance, Mercy Bestower

Our personal Anxiety Reliever, Creativity, Talent Bestower

Our personal Provider, Caretaker, Soul-Prosperer, and Lover-of-our- 

Our personal Lover-of-our-Souls, Miracle Worker, Covenant Keeper

...And so on and so on and so on...

Depending on what we choose to believe about our God and if we have a heart to experientially know Him for Who He truly is. 

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Betty Draper said...

Diane, we are doing a study by Beth Moore on "Breaking Free" Tonight we are looking at two of the benefits we get when we become a child of God. What you wrote fits perfectly for the end of day two. Bless you my courageous wise hearted sister. I am praying that the women will be flooded with the who God is and grab the truth that He knows how to direct our life better then themselves and other. As I read through your post I know that reading this once a day would be a turning point for anyone in captivity. One women already has been helped by the truth of who God is. So glad you are writing again.

TC Avey said...

Amen. He truly is our All in All.

Floyd Samons said...

This reminds me of S.M. Lockridge's sermon, "I Wish I Could Describe Him". Awesome post and descriptions... and yet none or all of or words can describe the Light that's brighter than the sun that He powers.

Diane Ronzino said...

Thanks guys for reading and commenting. Appreciate you all!