Monday, February 15, 2016

I've Learned to Kiss the Waves

Have you ever seen photographs of huge waves crashing into boulders or rock cliffs?  The power is almost electrifying and terrifying. 

There have been seasons in my life where I have been pounded into the cliffs by tsunami-strength waves.  Over and over.  

Wave in - CRASH!
Wave out - Breath  

Wave in - SLAM!  
Wave out - Breath

Wave out - Breath

And on and on life goes.  For each of us.  

The seasons of reprieve (wave out)  are for the purpose of getting built back up again in our most Holy faith. For surely another wave will eventually hit.  

I have grown as a woman of GOD and I've been changed - a tiny bit more into Christ-likeness - from each blow of the oppressive waves.  I no longer look at the crushing, powerful waves as something that is going to destroy me (although it may feel like it at the time). I've learned to kiss the waves.

I can kiss them because they have caused me to be more reliant on GOD in my life.

And they have:
~ Matured me in faith and faithfulness
~ Caused good things - positive things - to come about in my life
~ Taught me more of my Father's AGAPE for me
~ Allowed me the privilege of returning that AGAPE back unto Him
~ Shown me more of His awesome AGAPE-based Character
~ Caused me to see the Truth of His Holy Word proven out in my life

Thank You, Abba, for allowing me to see that these strong waves of life have ultimately thrown me up against The Rock of Ages.  And no other place would I rather be.  Oh, hallowed be Thy Name!

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Melanie Ghauri said...
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Melanie Ghauri said...

Ohhh my Di!!!! How I love your writing! As I was reading this I thought "yes this is it, this explains it". One of my first thoughts this morning before I read this was "if this doesn't take me out, nothing will"!

Diane Ronzino said...

Our Father's timing is perfect. It won't take you out, but it will, if you allow it, throw you up against The Rock of Ages where you, too, will one day say, "I've learned to kiss the waves". A mark of maturity. And you, dear Melanie, are right there.

Betty Draper said...

Beautiful testimony Diane of a courageous wise hearted women.

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you, Betty.