Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Testimony Time - Christmas Eve - Part One

"Your sins and your crimes are forgiven you."  I said that twice on Christmas Eve to two incarcerated men in Buckingham Correctional Facility in Virginia.

In my aloneness this Christmas, all I wanted to be was to be about our Father's business.  And He gave me the desire of my heart.

The son of dear friends is incarcerated in that prison. RD has been in prison for 23 years of his life so far.  I've been writing to him ever since I met his parents about 22 years ago.  We've never met.  But, we have a fruitful, Godly friendship.  Over all these years, reading one of his letters is like getting a letter from the Apostle Paul. They always minister to my spirit and bring me up higher.

I told RD what The Holy Spirit deposited into my heart regarding Christmas Eve.  He was to pray and then pick some men who would like to hear their favorite Christmas carol.  RD would then call me and one by one, put them on the phone. I would play their song for them and share what God wanted me to.

You see, RD has told me that most of the incarcerated treat Christmas or any other holiday as just another day.  It is too painful to think of it in any other light.  So, they don't allow themselves to go there.

But, he found two men who were willing and wanted to hear their special song.  One was Alex, a Spanish man; the other Thomas, a good old Southern boy. Their song choices made absolutely no sense to me.  For Alex's choice, I had to dig through the internet to find it.  But, God led me to it. I downloaded it to my computer.

They were supposed to call after the prison's Christmas Eve church service ended, around 8:15 PM.  However, around midday, I got the distinct impression that they were to call before church.  By God's Hand, only, was I able to get that message to RD in time.

About 5 PM the phone rang.

The message God wanted Alex and Thomas to know was that their sins and crimes were forgiven them and that He now considered them kings and priests unto God.  They needed to start seeing themselves as such. I was to share Rev.1:5-6 with them.

The anointing was strong and The Spirit did His work on both their hearts.  I was brought to tears both times.  These men were so appreciative.  Alex declared afterward that this night would now be a part of his testimony. I was the third person - since his incarceration - to gave him that same Scripture verse.  He never "received it" until this Christmas Eve when a total stranger was willing to share her Christmas with him and give him such a special gift.

(To be continued...)

I hope you all had a most blessed Christmas!

Because of Him and Unto Him,

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