Monday, January 11, 2016


Photo by Jon Ottosson    
There is something about this crimson-roofed, white church, nestled on the beach and blanketed in snow that keeps speaking to my heart.  I've had the picture on my desktop for many weeks now. Every so often, I stop to contemplate what it is saying to me but as of yet I've come to no conclusions.

I think it's the steeple.  Against the white water-colored sky, the crimson steeple points UP.  Up to the Cross, which stands as a showcase against the ordinary muted colors.

If you can zoom in, the Cross is quite ornate, which seems odd on such a plain little church.  The round-topped windows are just clear glass covered in a thin layer of frost, which has painted ornate designs on the glass.  Nature's handiwork. The Cross and frost are marks of beauty amongst the simplicity of the church and scenery.


Bits of ornate amongst the plain and ordinary....


Recently, it was said of me that "Diane is plain".


The bits of ornate of my plain life, of my "plain" being, is my God.  He lights up my life in such ornate ways, showcasing His Handiwork and beauty.  My "rooftop" is also painted in crimson - the crimson Blood of Jesus Christ.  The Cross, which is the life-source of my being and lifestyle, hopefully stands just as high and points UP - points up to God Almighty, Creator of Heaven, earth, and sea. Creator of the wood and frost. The Only God.

The God Who Loves me deeply, intimately, and longingly; Who has created me "plain" on purpose.


For what purpose, LORD?


(Drawing in a deep breath)  So His Beauty is what is seen.

(Slowly exhaling)

....Oh, Father, You take my breath away....

Thank You, my Father, my God, for the awesome revelation You just gave to me through this photo, which has been a work of art to me.  I bow before You and thank You for making me Your work of art.  May my crimson-stained life point to The Cross.  And may The Cross point to You. May Jesus Christ be lifted high through me and that You will draw those who "contemplate" my life unto Yourself.  Thank You, my Father, for making me such a beautiful work of art.  Thank You that Your beauty is what is seen in "plain little 'ol me". I love You so.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Floyd Samons said...

Nice. The heart of the humble is the ornate and extraordinary hand of our Father in our lives. His beauty shines in us and through us and has zero to do with our soul cage. A soul cage that acknowledges Him is His beauty.

Great picture and thoughts, sister. You got me thinking.

Janis Cox said...

I found you from Pam's. She did a lovely job of painting the church from your photo. I would love you to link to Word of God Speak.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,
My sweet friend Pam referred me to your blog, and I greatly enjoyed reading this piece. You write so well, and I love your metaphorical insights. Very creative, but moreover, very heartfelt. And the photo is lovely. Is it yours? It reminds me very much of a set of cards I purchased through Dr. Charles Stanley's In Touch ministries. Not everyone realizes that he is a great photographer, and he's made a series of church pictures, which now grace some lovely greeting cards. Your would be worthy of such a distinction.

This also reminds me of a sweet little church in the country that my husband and I attend when on Holiday. It holds such fond memories for me.
May God continue to bless you with rich insights and gifted writing.
Lynn Morrissey

Betty Draper said...

Well your words and the picture makes me want to see it with my own eyes. The word, crystal come to my mind as I looked at the picture, crystal clear, that's our Lord, crystal clear with His love for us. Praying for you my wise hearted friend.

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you Floyd and Betty for coming by to read and post. I so appreciate my cherished writers.

Diane Ronzino said...

Hi Janis. Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to come on over here and read. Pam did an awesome job with the church. Makes my heart sing!

Diane Ronzino said...

Lynn, thank you for taking the time to stop over here from Pam's blog. Your words are so kind. Thank you.

No, the photo is not mine. I actually don't know the photographer. I wish I did. I am aware of Charles Stanley's photography although I've never seen any. I'm sure his photographs of Alaska must be incredible!

I'm glad this little church reminds you of one which holds good memories for you. The little church in my hometown where I grew up holds those kinds of memories for me.

Thank you, again, Lynn for stopping by. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

And thank *you*, Diane for replying. I so appreciate your engagement with your readers. Also, I love that your site sends me responses. Not all do, and sometimes I forget to ck back. :-) Oh, do look into Dr. S's photography. I think you would love his greeting cards and calendar (and no, this is not a commercial)! :-)Isn't it wonderful that the houses of God hold such special memories? Today, I'm not attending my church. As a Presbyterian, I don't observe Lent (officially...b/c our church doesn't). But I love the practice. So my husband, daughter, and I are heading out shortly in the snow to attend an Ash Wednesday service at a nearby Episcopal church. I wish you well in these weeks prior to Easter and also w/ your lovely writing.
God bless you,

Caroline said...

Here I,am tonight (writing to your blog a 2nd time,..the first post was almost complete,lost due to a lack of typing finese on my cells screen) this time with some brevity I can only hope.Foolishly I have not visited where inspirational loving Diane you never disappoint.Tonight I sit contemplating what to give up following a long week (found in F.bk) after fright n then a weakened heart.I sense my Spirit nudging and I notice on my dimly lit wall a crimson red felt ❤ kinda like the color of the church roof.The ❤ is so beautifully sticbed in Pure white yarn.Diane you know the heart? Yes it's been my reminder through years of forgiveness. As I said you never disappoint...3 things most cleansing n healing 2 my ❤ are church ,snow n
Water. And I have not been near church n Water for too long,Such beautiful memories I recall walking along the shore with snow on the ground.Tnx Diane And Emmanuel (God in Us). Love 2 You. Caroline

Diane Ronzino said...

Lynn, thank you for coming back and posting and for your well-wishes for me during Lent. I so appreciate it. And you! I wish you the same. May The Glory of our God fill your heart during this season! God bless you!

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, my gosh, Caroline, I just thought of you last week. Thank you for taking the time to come by, read, and write (from your phone no less!). How are you?

So much in my life has changed. Why don't we get together for lunch or something and catch up with each other. Message me on FB with your number. I'll give you a call.

Love to you, dear Caroline! And I'm so glad you still have that heart. Mine still hangs on a doorknob in my new little home. Hugs to you!