Monday, December 14, 2015

Flip Flop the Blessing Thinking

A dear friend said to me today, "I pray you have a blessed day and that you will be a blessing."  It stopped me short.

How many times have you and I said to someone, "Have a blessed day"?  Quite often I am sure.

How many times have we encouraged someone to go out an BE a blessing to someone else?  I'm sure not quite as often.

If we reside in God's Kingdom, then we already know we are blessed of God. We don't need to ask for God to bless us.  We do need to remind each other, though, to put others into the forefront of our thinking; and to ask our Father what can we do to be a blessing to someone else.
Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. ~ President John F. Kennedy
Ask not what God can do for you; ask what you can do for God. ~ Me 
Let's make this a season of true gift giving.  Let's pray and ask our Father what we can do for Him this Christmas season to be a blessing to someone else.  

You just never know how we might affect someone else's' life.

Merry Christmas!


Betty Draper said...

You have affected my life. I think you were the first women blogging I started following and I have never regretted the friendship that has developed. Praying for you this Christmas, for the peace that passes understanding. Praying you get to be with your children. Merry Christmas.

Eddy Damas said...

We can be a blessing to others, but we must not be passive about it.

Floyd Samons said...

Good call, Diane. Not to mention what a blessing it is to be part of a blessing!

Lisa notes... said...

I am appreciating your words here, Diane. I rarely encourage people to *be* the blessing; just to receive it. And yet how do we receive it? Often by BEING it. You're on to something here! Thanks. May you have a Merry Christmas!