Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Pre-Dawn of Dawn

The Pre-Dawn of Dawn

The atmosphere is enlightened by the moon and stars You’ve hung
A dim glow outlines the mountainous-looking trees 
Just before the dawn sky awakens
Ever so briefly it goes into a deep, dark sleep

Deep darkness follows the dimly glowing sky
Why, my LORD, does this happen?

It’s like You put nature asleep to gain strength
For the burst of energy it takes to awaken nature

It’s like the darkness is the moments before the alarm goes off
Awakening us from our slumber

I watch with anticipation:
Here it comes!

Slowly, the atmosphere is beginning to glow once again
Ever so subtilely

Tree formations can now be recognized
As the lighter sky now peeks through the branches

A tiny bit lighter
All is so very still and quiet

Ever so minutely lighter
The trees seem to reach out and lift the shade up

And the birds awaken
Going through their morning rituals

What a glorious day this will be 
And You made just for me

I am glad
I rejoice
I am thankful

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Color of Change

The Color of Change 

fall is descending upon us
gently falling like a leaf from a tree
ever so carefully enshrouding us
in its cool, crisp invigoration
with its woodsy fragrance that reminds me all is well
Thank You, LORD, that
all is well in the change of season as in this change of life