Thursday, July 16, 2015

In God. We Trust.

Sitting.  Waiting.

It seems that is all you do when you go to court.

You sit and wait some more.  Nothing like on TV.

The security was very tight in the courtroom yesterday, as it has been every month, since my husband's death threats against the first judge. I find it so comforting, that I wanted to go over to the court officers and hug them,"Thank you".

Yet, at the same time yesterday, a spirit of fear was forging around me. I had hired a new attorney and he was late.  Very late.  I didn't know if he was going to show or not; didn't know if I made a mistake in hiring him or not.  Concern whirled around my head and stomach.

I walked out of the courtroom and called a Godly friend to pray for me. She did right then and there.

When I walked back into the courtroom, the spirit of fear greeted me at the entrance way, as if he were the doorman. I sat in my pew deep breathing to hold back the nausea. Looking forward, behind the the judge's throne, are the words IN GOD WE TRUST, which this new judge has half covered over with the flags.

I started repeating to myself:  I'm IN GOD.  I'm IN GOD.  I'm IN GOD, therefore I TRUST.  I'm in God, therefore, I trust.  I'm in God and I trust! Over and over I declared my stance.  A blanket of peace slowly descended upon me until I was cocooned in by the very word of my testimony.  Safe. Secure. In faith. In God. In trust.

It's only when we are in God, that we can fully trust Him.

My lawyer showed up very shortly thereafter.  When it was all said and done, I walked out the door into the corridor with my head held high and a smile on my face.  I was in God.  I was in trust.  I walked right past my husband and didn't even glance his way.

I'm in, he's out. And God is faithful to those in Him.

Because of Him and Unto Him (and In Him),


Betty Draper said...

How did I miss this glad I check out other post after reading todays. Love this Diane, that you by God's strength and His pouring insight into your broken heart could walk out in faith. The trial is still the same, the hurt has not been healed but He is still on the throne, NOT JOE. Had you not trusting the King of King, the in God we trust God, Joe would have rules your life and your day. Praying for you my fiend. Keep penning down words, it's a future book you know. Love you.

Diane Ronzino said...

Had you not trusting the King of King, the in God we trust God, Joe would have rules your life and your day. How true that is, Betty! THANK YOU!