Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Strange Truth

"Truth is stranger than fiction." Mark Twain said that.

My life sure has proved that out as of late.

The rest of his quote is: "Fiction has to make sense."

I'm not a reader or writer of fiction, so I must assume that is true.  I'm sure it must be written in such a way that the storyline makes sense, like any good story.

The storyline of my life, as of late, would make a great fiction story. I think it has a lot of the components that people want in a juicy, draw-you-in story.  Only problem is, it sure doesn't seem to make sense.  And that is because it is truth, and if I were to write it as a part of my memoir, I don't think many would believe it. Why? Because it sounds like a fiction novel. I'm sure people would think that the storyline had been "embellished" upon to make it a more interesting read. (As is the case with most memoirs published today.)

I've been centering in on Joseph lately.  His life sure sounds like fiction to me. Who could come up with such a storyline for his life? But, I love the ending of his story.  I can relate so much to him. One day, on Heaven's shores, I will look for Joseph.  I want to thank him.  I keep the ending of his life's journey close to my heart as my inspiration to keep on keeping on.

A very wise man (my son, Andrew) shared Gideon with me today.  I hadn't thought about Gideon in a really long time, but there are lessons to be learned from his life's struggles as well. And so I will read tonight.  And be strengthened all the more.

Maybe that's why some people don't believe the Words written in the Holy Scriptures - sounds too much like fiction - some of It even stranger than fiction!  But, it is Truth all the same. 

So I guess I'm in good company with the likes of Joseph and Gideon.  And since God is no respecter of persons, my ending will be just as "improbable" to the natural mind as was theirs. And just as glorifying!

Someday, when the ending of my story is just as awesome as Joseph's and Gideon's - the manifestation of God's deliverance and power and provision - maybe, just maybe, my storyline will be an inspiration to someone else. Maybe someone will glean from my life's struggles.  God sure knows I hope so.  Then this will all be worthwhile.

Because of Him and Unto Him,

This post can be read over on Tell Me A True Story. Hope you will stop by and read some amazing true stories.  You will be encouraged.


Betty Draper said...

Trusting God for the ending of the story you are living right now. I know one thing, you will not waste it and you will make it count for Him. Praying.

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you, dear Betty. Do you know you are a natural-born cheerleader? I love and appreciate you so very much. Thank you for your continued prayers. It means more to me than I can express.

Floyd said...

Your season of trials has been long, my friend. But your testimony during this time has touched many. When a person walks through the Valley alone they never come out on the other side, they stop and give in somewhere in the middle. God is walking with you for His glory using your testimony.

Thanks for reminding me that it's not about our circumstances, it's about how we see them with the eyes of our Father within us.

Praying for you, Diane.

Diane Ronzino said...

"It's about how we see them with the eyes of our Father within us." So beautiful, Floyd....gosh....

Thank you for your prayers and your words. They always lift up and encourage. God bless you.

Hazel Moon said...

I do trust you can look back on this trying time and remember that God was there even when - -.
May the burden lift so soon and an awesome outcome be yours, that it will seem like fiction.
Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you so much, Hazel! I appreciate your kind words of encouragement.