Thursday, February 26, 2015

The "Eals" of Life

Odd title for this post.  I agree.

Ok, stay with me.

This morning, alone in a hotel room, I turned on Joyce Meyer and heard an awesome testimony of a young woman who endured years of sexual abuse.

She said something that hit a chord in me.  However, in this moment, I cannot remember it. But it's in my spirit.  I know it.

So, I'm going to type, trusting The Holy Spirit to bring it to life. For me and maybe for you.
How does one become whole and healthy after enduring years of sexual abuse?
How does one become whole and healthy after betrayal?
How does one become whole and healthy after hurts so deep it seems to cut you in two?
How does one become healed - totally and completely with no residue?

Here's where we get to the "Eals". 

Feel.  Reveal.  Deal.  Heal.  

We must allow ourselves to feel the emotions that situation, sin, or addiction carries within us, no matter how difficult or tramautic. We should not, cannot, stuff the emotions if we want to heal.  No matter how painful.  This where you acknowledge truth to yourself.

Then we must reveal the secret, problem, or sin. It must be acknowledged.  First to The LORD. Second to someone trustworthy. A confidante. Dr. Phil is famous for his words, "You can not change what you don't acknowledge."  Muster up the courage to speak it out loud. Tell someone.  You are on your way to being healed.  This is where you acknowledge truth to God and others.

OK. This next stage is where I believe we lose people. Why? Because it can be the most difficult stage. The most time-consuming stage.  This is the "work" stage. In our "instant" society, we don't have patience for this stage of the healing process:

We must be ready to deal with it in terms of getting counseling or having someone pray over us, going to an awesome Bible-based program such as Victorious Overcomers, etc. This is where you acknowledge truth that was once a secret and held you in bondage to it.  It's no longer a secret and the chains of bondage have been opened for you to get free. But, you must make the decision to see this process through.

My own inner healings took years to work through. One step, one stage at a time.  But, the reward was freedom, transformation, wholeness, and health. 
Heal = freedom, transformation, wholeness, and health.
Jesus came to heal the broken, the hurting, the devastated, the sorrowful, the angry, the bruised, the demon-possessed, the addicted.  He can only do so though if we allow ourselves to feel, reveal, and deal.  When we trust Him enough to go through those three stages, we will come through to the final stage transformed, whole, healthy, and free.

Secrets are to bondage, as truth is to freedom. 

I'll shout it a little louder this time: Secrets are to bondage, as truth is to freedom.

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  ~ Jesus Christ, as recorded in John 8:32

May you and I trust The LORD enough to allow the "eals" in our lives. If anyone wants to share briefly how they have walked through the "eals" process to give God Glory, please do so!  Testimonies are powerful tools The Holy Spirit uses for His Body of Christ to be exhorted and encouraged and to find the courage to go through the process for themselves. Please share.  

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Martha Herden said...

By taking the PAIN one SECOND, one MINUTE, one HOUR, one DAY at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our hearts can slow down long enough to let the LORD come in and do the Healing!!!! You are a major witness to HIS love Diane!!

Anonymous said...

I used to say that it would have been easier if my Ex would have died rather than dealing with all the junk that presented itself after he left. I had no one at the immersed myself in The Word and encouraged others as they came across my path. I had to "take all thought captive" time after time. I had to continually run to The Father and remind myself that HE approved of me...and that HE loved me...and that HE had called me. After a while, I was dealing w/ everything from the perspective of Peace. A person has to allow themselves TIME to heal and release themselves to that fact. I asked God to keep my heart convinced that HE loved me and to establish my confidence in Him. HE certainly has.

Diane Ronzino said...

Martha, truly, you are an example to the Body of Christ. Your optimism and faith are your strength. Thank you for sharing. God be with you every minute, every second today!

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you so much for sharing, Nancy. You, too, are a tower of strength through our All-powerful Lord. You learned very powerful lessons of "how to deal". Thank you for sharing. May it help someone today!

floyd sam said...

"Secrets are to bondage, as truth is to freedom."

There's much power in that Truth! God is about Truth… never concealment or hiding from Truth. He is Truth.

Powerful post, Diane. I've made a mental note...

Betty Draper said...

My dear courageous wise hearted sister you have spoke truth. Those points are exactly how one gets healing in difficult issues. You cannot bring Joe to repentance, but you can get healing through the process you just penned. It's not an easy road, but neither is a road of bitterness, it's a long road, unlike most counsel that say, just get over it, it takes time. It's not a popular road, it has some ruts and difficult curves that you must navigate around but with the Lords help you can walk the road of healing. Your open honest blogging is a source of help, talking to godly people who only want your healing will assist the healing. My heart is so glad to read this blog. We are in the middle of a situation with a missionary couple, he got into deep sin on the field, of course they had to send them home. they have a great local church body but here is the kicker, the husband is not willing to be totally honest, will not allow those who want to restore him to help. His family are telling him the wife is wrong for the boundaries she has put up if they are to ever make it work. Their counsel is and this makes me sad even to write it, they said, get over it, never bring it up again, he has confessed to God and thats all he needs to do. Everyone hands are tied because of his lack of honesty or repentance. So we must at all cost try to help the wife and their two little girls. We have been here a week and can stay one more week then we must leave and head back to southern California. (we are in Oregon) She does have a good church body here to help and missionaries friends who are speaking truth into her. You understand first hand the hardship that comes from a betrayal of this sort and a lack of repentance. It's only the start to have restoration. My heart is sad but confident God will meet her needs through others just as He is doing with you. Bless you my sister, know many are praying for you.