Thursday, January 1, 2015

One-word Resolutions

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My OneWord for 2015 is  S I N G L E N E S S.  

This is how I plan on focusing in on, and embracing, my singleness this year:

I will:

S erve my God with all my heart
I mplement travel plans
N urture my heart with The Word of God
G row in grace and mercy and wear it as a garland around my head
L iberate my soul from the chains of the past year
E cho God’s heartbeat, which is joy
N egate all that is contrary to who I am in Christ
E xpel the stigma of divorce and walk with my head held high
S tep out of my box and do and try new things because I am "ABLE"
S trengthen myself by remembering all God’s benefits

What is your OneWord goal for 2015?  How will you grow in your word?

I pray that God's Grace truly would be sufficient to see us through any difficult times that may lying in wait for us.

Because of Him and Unto Him, 


Betty Draper said...

I can see where "singleness" of purpose, heart, mind and body would be a platform to grow on. Love your word, how precious of God to use what the enemy of your soul wants to destroy you with. This post kicks the devil in the head..keep kicking my friend.

Saleslady371 said...

Happy New Year, Diane. Love your post. My word is grace, my journal is created and I'm eager to witness His grace in all things!