Monday, July 14, 2014

This Is One I Would Not Fast Forward Through

As parents, don't we get much joy over our children's accomplishments?  I thank God that right now - in the midst of this season of life - I can find joy in my three children's accomplishments.

This is something I just have to share, in case you may not have seen in on my Facebook page.

Alece, my daughter, is self-employed.  One of her clients is a design company called Cross and Crown. Cross and Crown was hired to do a commercial for a butcher store in PA.

A videographer shot all his footage and then that footage was given to Alece, as she was asked to write the script for the commercial.  

She watched the beautifully-inspired clip many times over a two-day period to get the "feel and story" of the footage.  And then she sat and wrote.  She sent her copy to Cross and Crown.

The videographer told Alece that she was able to capture his vision completely.  It was exactly what en envisioned but could not personally find the words for.  He was "over the top" about the outcome of the commercial.

The owners of the butcher store in PA were brought to tears as they watched the completed clip, and they accepted the commercial as it was.  Not one word was changed. 

This is what my friend, Jill, said about the commercial:
I watched Alece's ad and I thought it was really outstanding! It certainly is as good, if not better, than any Super Bowl ad I ever saw and those are known to be the best. She really does have an amazing talent. I have watched it several times because I keep showing it to people and it always brings them, as it does me, to tears. Matthew's fiancee said it gave her goosebumps. 
(Thank you, Jill, for your enthusiasm.  It is appreciated!)

So, precious friends, enjoy the commercial:

Truly, it has the look and feel of a Hallmark Christmas commercial, doesn't it?

Congratulations, Alece, and Cross and Crown!  You make a great team. 

Nothing touches my heart more than to see my children reaching their potential.   Satan has stolen much from my daughter's life, but God is restoring in a grander way than could be imagined.  South Africa's loss, Alece, has become the world's gain. Thank You, LORD!

Because of Him and Unto Him, 


Martha Herden said...

I am so thrilled for Alece~~~as I watch this over and over again---her exact WORDS stand out more each time and I find myself doing EXACTLY what she speaks of~~

SLOWING DOWN--LOOKING for those SMALL DETAILS of LIFE!!!! The BUTCHER SHOP is very lucky to have met up with Alece---but then, we all are that way too!

She has found her path--and I feel her special FOOTPRINTS will always be there in Africa...... What a wonderful GIFT for you during this time of your life...

Thank you for sharing this--for being a PROUD Mom!!

all my love, martha

Kim said...


Anonymous said...

I can't get this to play. It just puts on pause and nothing happens. Is this a special program, Diane? I usually can get into you tube info... so not sure why this isn't working... Sounds like it is beautiful.

Diane Ronzino said...

You are right about the footprints in Africa, Martha. Thank you for wonderful words.

Kim, thanks for reading and watching! And loving!

Pam, I'm sory you couldn't get it to play. Here is the link. Copy and paste in your browser and you can watch it online:

Crown of Beauty said...

Wow, Diane... this ad really has the perfect words for the video. It's beautiful. And I can understand the pride you feel for your dear daughter. She really got it so right... Thank you for sharing it with us.

Jennifer Dougan said...


Your daughter is Alece?! I never knew that. I came across her blog years ago, and ached with her through the post-Africa stuff. She is a dynamic writer and I am happy to be able to be in touch with her writing again through you. Thanks.

Thinking of you too as you walk this hard road too. How are you lately? I have been off blogging for a month or so and am just now getting back into it again.

Warmly, respectfully,
Jennifer Dougan

Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Diane,

Just peeking in again to say hello. Are you okay? How have things been this summer?

Alece did such a nice job on this commercial.

Jennifer Dougan