Thursday, July 10, 2014

Oh, The Ors of Life

OK, so on my last post entitled, The lemonade Recipe P.S., this was the beginning of my prayer:

LORD, let us (You and I) make something totally different than "lemonade" out of this mess.  Lead me, guide me, into something totally unplanned or unexpected (on my part).  

I wrote that on Monday morning.  

Tuesday, the following morning - out of the clear blue - the Pastor who ordained my husband and I years ago phoned and asked me to come back to work with them in ministry once again. "Time for the band to get back together", was how it was put to me.  

On Monday morning, my prayer continued: I want to be about my Father's business - not just surviving this mess or just getting through this valley. 

Please bear with me as I think through this:
  • This offer is definitely not something I planned for or expected.
  • This would be an opportunity to once again be about my Father's business in doing what I'm called to be: an Abigail - a servant to the servants of The LORD (I Samuel 25:41).
Now, I must discern if this is really The LORD


Is it a counterfeit, sent by the enemy of my soul to get me off of what God really has planned for me?

More thoughts: 
  • There was an abortion to our work together years ago. 
  • God restores what the devil takes from our lives. 
OK, so since I know You restore the years the locust have eaten, is this restoration and what You are leading and calling me to do, my LORD?

Is this a smokescreen?

I know you don't want me to be deceived, so I'm trusting You, my LORD, to confirm this one way or another.  Please close any door that is not opened by You.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Kim said...

I would let it sit and see if you have peace in your inner man.

Melanie Ghauri said...

Wow!Praying Di!

Martha Herden said...

It can be shocking when a sudden "unexpected" surprise comes our way--especially one that is filled with memories of a time so treasured....

How does this offer feel in the PIT of your stomach? I have no DOUBT the answer will come---with Prayer upon Prayers spoken by You and for YOU.....

The LORD is loving you deeply Diane----and I know HE is gently guiding you along the Pathway to full Healing for your wounded Heart....

Trust your Spirt-filled Heart my dear Friend...

Love to you......

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you Kim, Melanie, and Martha. I appreciate your Wisdom and prayers.

Betty Draper said...

I guess I would ask you is it something you can take on right now in the middle of a divorce? At least find out what kind of time it would take and does it fit in your life right now. Have you been praying for something like this lately? Sometimes when we are in a turmoil over another issue and something comes our way we can't discern what to do. One more question, do you have to give them an answer right now? Just a few of my thoughts when I read your post. Praying for wisdom.

Caroline said...

Oh Diane your heart is always so beautiful and bountiful.New ministry with all new people could be a very tall order for anyone even if they had little stress. The fact you are yielding to discernment is so very wise.
I ponder in discernment so often and sometimesconfusion/uncertainty stays with me for a little while.I wait for the prompting of the Lord. Or I turn to Thessalonians 5:17 "prayer without ceasing" or sometimes in big decisions I default to a 48 hr minimum rule before I make any significant changes.
You have surely been empowered by God in huge ways... so in his timing you will know what to do. Love you, Caroline

Diane Ronzino said...

Betty and Caroline, thank you so much for your questions for me to ponder and your thoughts on it. I have my answer. God made it VERY clear to me and that it is No. So, thank you for your prayers and taking the time to offer your input! I so appreciate it.

Strahlen Smith said...

Diane, even if it's not what He would have chosen for you, God has the power to use whatever choice you make for Good. Pray for discernment definitely (love the 48 hour rule Caroline!), but also take a bit of pressure off yourself and put, not only your decision, but also its outcome in His hands.

Hold onto Him and keep going. You are already conducting a beautiful ministry here. xoxo