Monday, July 7, 2014

Anyone Have A Recipe for Lemonade?

I've never made lemonade from scratch.  Have you?

Maybe because I don't like more than a few sips of lemonade.  Too sour.  And way too sweet.

It sure does look refreshing though. Even inviting. Especially on a hot and humid Long Island day.

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." We've all heard/read that in the positive-thinking world. And I'm a proponent of it.      

The only thing is, I don't know how to make lemonade. 

How hard could it be, Diane?  Water, lemons, sugar.  No?  Three simple ingredients. 


I'm at a loss as to how to make lemonade from this sour life of mine right now.  The once-spontaneous-girl in me is dormant...venturing out to make lemonade is scary.  

I want to make lemonade, but I am...


All my ventures in lemonade-making over the last 30 years has always been for someone else. Ministering to others - encouraging them in their lemonade-making process.

Doing for others - walking alongside them stirring the ingredients until they learn to concoct an awesome, refreshing drink for themselves.

Doing for churches and other's ministries.  I've helped make a lot of pitcherfuls of lemonade for other ministries over the years.

But, if the lemonade isn't ministry-based, I don't have a clue how to make it for myself.  I've never had to - I've always been about my Father's business.  

My Father is now telling me this is a season for me. 

Can't it be about me and others at the same time?  UGH.

So, how do I make lemonade for me out of these sour lemons???

All great lemonade-makers are welcome in my kitchen.  Please share your Holy Spirit-inspired recipes with me. 

 Please. Because I am stuck.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Melanie Ghauri said...

Melanie Ghauri said...

Good morning Di. I tried to share some cool reads on making lemonade out of (sour) lemons. I will scan and email. I also got your email, which I was honored to receive. Thank you for sharing your heart during one of or the most difficult time of your life! In response to your blog.... Again, this has been one of the most trying 2yrs of my life! Many times I felt as I cannot be squeezed anymore, there's nothing yet! But God... I said (rather screamed) to Him "Lord, what do I do? I need answer NOW". He replied... " choose joy". Ha. No parting the red sea answer, no, but it DID part the red sea of my soul. Those two words have carried me through about 6mo now. I hope this ministers to you... All we need us just ONE touch from God! Love you, Mel :*

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you for sharing your "recipe", Mel, from your own personal experince. Choose Joy...yes, it is a choice, isn't it?

I'm sorry for what you have been going through for the last two years. UGH. But, thank you for sharing what The LORD spoke to your heart and how when acting on it, it parted your Red Sea. How awesome is that?!

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate you! Love to you.

Martha Herden said...

Maybe you need to "bypass" those little Yellow Sour Lemons. BUT--this is LIFE and LEMONS seem to be in abundance at times!!!!!

One of my most "powerful" lessons in learning how to care for ME was simple--one day I gave myself a BIG Hug!! I thanked GOD over and over while I hugged Me- and I have a strong hunch HE smiled!!!!

I have a feeling there is a NEW drink of LIFE waiting out there for you--it will be mixed with a ton of FAITH, buckets of LOVE for yourself, a bag of PAIN, and for mixing it all up properly--a RIVER rushing with JOY!!

The PAIN will slowly sink to the bottom and JOY will rise to the top--as you take the first delicious SIPS of stepping forward in life.......... You are so very Deserving of all the JOY........

Martha Herden said...
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Martha Herden said...

I "deleted" a repeat of my comment---sometimes my old fingers SLIP on these small computer keys!!!!!

Diane Ronzino said...

Mel, please read new post. It was (in part) the outflow of your first reply to choose joy. Thanks again for all your encouraging words! From your lips to our God's Ears!

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, Martha, I love that! A HUG...there are days when my body and soul longs for a hug. I think I will try that, thank you! And I love the image of the pain sinking to the bottom as joy rises to the top. I will hold that picture in my heart. Sounds like that would make a great Shtick, wouldn't it?

I love you and send HUGS your way!

Caroline said...

Dear Diane,

Loved Martha's recipe and how eloquently it was written. Ohhh the topic of self care , that can be tricky soMetimes,specially when you have been groomed and or accustomed to mostly caring for others, I too have been on that journey and still am.
What comes to mind is the oxygen mask on the plane other words if we do not take care of ourselves first,we might pass out & then what? We certainly will not be good to a child or anyone else.
The lemonade recipe that I am currently woRKING ON IS from Matthew, which is working on getting enough sleep so I can quiet the rocky waves oF my life to divert any pending storms. Some other essential ingredients to tame the sour taste are the verses "accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,taking as God did,this sinful world as it is ,not as I would have.Trusting you will makes all things right if I surrender to your will." ~ The Serenity Prayer
by Reinhold Niebuhr
Sending prayers & love to you, Caroline

Diane Ronzino said...

Thanks, Caroline, for your words and recipes!!!! I'm not the kind of person who can spend too much time on "me" things. Especially now, it causes me to want to revert back to my wallowing days.

So, I now the best recipe for me is about doing for others especially during this time; as long as I give ample time to Jesus to heal and minister to my broken soul.

I appreciate your input! Love you. Hope you had a wonderful time on your getaway!