Monday, July 14, 2014

This Is One I Would Not Fast Forward Through

As parents, don't we get much joy over our children's accomplishments?  I thank God that right now - in the midst of this season of life - I can find joy in my three children's accomplishments.

This is something I just have to share, in case you may not have seen in on my Facebook page.

Alece, my daughter, is self-employed.  One of her clients is a design company called Cross and Crown. Cross and Crown was hired to do a commercial for a butcher store in PA.

A videographer shot all his footage and then that footage was given to Alece, as she was asked to write the script for the commercial.  

She watched the beautifully-inspired clip many times over a two-day period to get the "feel and story" of the footage.  And then she sat and wrote.  She sent her copy to Cross and Crown.

The videographer told Alece that she was able to capture his vision completely.  It was exactly what en envisioned but could not personally find the words for.  He was "over the top" about the outcome of the commercial.

The owners of the butcher store in PA were brought to tears as they watched the completed clip, and they accepted the commercial as it was.  Not one word was changed. 

This is what my friend, Jill, said about the commercial:
I watched Alece's ad and I thought it was really outstanding! It certainly is as good, if not better, than any Super Bowl ad I ever saw and those are known to be the best. She really does have an amazing talent. I have watched it several times because I keep showing it to people and it always brings them, as it does me, to tears. Matthew's fiancee said it gave her goosebumps. 
(Thank you, Jill, for your enthusiasm.  It is appreciated!)

So, precious friends, enjoy the commercial:

Truly, it has the look and feel of a Hallmark Christmas commercial, doesn't it?

Congratulations, Alece, and Cross and Crown!  You make a great team. 

Nothing touches my heart more than to see my children reaching their potential.   Satan has stolen much from my daughter's life, but God is restoring in a grander way than could be imagined.  South Africa's loss, Alece, has become the world's gain. Thank You, LORD!

Because of Him and Unto Him, 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Oh, The Ors of Life

OK, so on my last post entitled, The lemonade Recipe P.S., this was the beginning of my prayer:

LORD, let us (You and I) make something totally different than "lemonade" out of this mess.  Lead me, guide me, into something totally unplanned or unexpected (on my part).  

I wrote that on Monday morning.  

Tuesday, the following morning - out of the clear blue - the Pastor who ordained my husband and I years ago phoned and asked me to come back to work with them in ministry once again. "Time for the band to get back together", was how it was put to me.  

On Monday morning, my prayer continued: I want to be about my Father's business - not just surviving this mess or just getting through this valley. 

Please bear with me as I think through this:
  • This offer is definitely not something I planned for or expected.
  • This would be an opportunity to once again be about my Father's business in doing what I'm called to be: an Abigail - a servant to the servants of The LORD (I Samuel 25:41).
Now, I must discern if this is really The LORD


Is it a counterfeit, sent by the enemy of my soul to get me off of what God really has planned for me?

More thoughts: 
  • There was an abortion to our work together years ago. 
  • God restores what the devil takes from our lives. 
OK, so since I know You restore the years the locust have eaten, is this restoration and what You are leading and calling me to do, my LORD?

Is this a smokescreen?

I know you don't want me to be deceived, so I'm trusting You, my LORD, to confirm this one way or another.  Please close any door that is not opened by You.

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Lemonade Recipe P.S.

This is the follow up to yesterday's lemonade recipe post.  Bear with me, please.

I was thinking, since everyone makes lemonade from the sour lemons thrown at them, what if I were to do something really different?   What if I were to make...

...I don't know...

...V-8 juice?

My life has always been different.

God has called me to do so many things alone.

He has called me to do so many things that are not of my natural abilities.

My ministries have always been out there on the limb of faith.

I love these little "screen bean figures"
So, Diane, why settle for just lemonade?  Why not think out of the box?  Why not pray for something different?

I love cucumber in my water.  You should see the reactions of waitresses faces when I request cucumber instead of lemons in my water.  One waitress scolded me, "We can't do that!" Like it was the restaurant's policy or something. I got scolded just because I asked for something DIFFERENT.


I've decided: I'm not settling for lemonade!

LORD, let us (You and I) make something totally different than "lemonade" out of this mess.  Lead me, guide me, into something totally unplanned or unexpected (on my part).  

Cause this now solitary life to count for something grand in Your scheme of things.  Cause this testimony-filled life to be a source of encouragement, strength, and inspiration to others.  

Give me inspiration to continue to write my memoir about all You have done in my life and cause me to be diligent about it.  

Use me, my LORD.  For if You don't surely I will dry up like a grape in the sun.  Cause me to lead the way for others through their wildernesses, LORD. 

Use me - together (You and I) can do so much in these last years of my life.  Use me, use my home.  A ministry house is still promised in your "restoring the years the locust have eaten."  Well, it doesn't have to be an additional house. It can be this one.  Here I am, I am...

In Jesus' Life-giving Name! So Be It. Amen.

Climbing out of the box

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Monday, July 7, 2014

Anyone Have A Recipe for Lemonade?

I've never made lemonade from scratch.  Have you?

Maybe because I don't like more than a few sips of lemonade.  Too sour.  And way too sweet.

It sure does look refreshing though. Even inviting. Especially on a hot and humid Long Island day.

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." We've all heard/read that in the positive-thinking world. And I'm a proponent of it.      

The only thing is, I don't know how to make lemonade. 

How hard could it be, Diane?  Water, lemons, sugar.  No?  Three simple ingredients. 


I'm at a loss as to how to make lemonade from this sour life of mine right now.  The once-spontaneous-girl in me is dormant...venturing out to make lemonade is scary.  

I want to make lemonade, but I am...


All my ventures in lemonade-making over the last 30 years has always been for someone else. Ministering to others - encouraging them in their lemonade-making process.

Doing for others - walking alongside them stirring the ingredients until they learn to concoct an awesome, refreshing drink for themselves.

Doing for churches and other's ministries.  I've helped make a lot of pitcherfuls of lemonade for other ministries over the years.

But, if the lemonade isn't ministry-based, I don't have a clue how to make it for myself.  I've never had to - I've always been about my Father's business.  

My Father is now telling me this is a season for me. 

Can't it be about me and others at the same time?  UGH.

So, how do I make lemonade for me out of these sour lemons???

All great lemonade-makers are welcome in my kitchen.  Please share your Holy Spirit-inspired recipes with me. 

 Please. Because I am stuck.

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hi. My Name Is...

Hi.  My name is Diane and...

...I am the daughter of an alcoholic.  

And I am the daughter of a perverted-sex-a-holic.  (Emphasis on the PERVERTED.)

I come from a long line of alcoholics and perverted sex "offenders". 

It dawned on me this morning that I married an "aholic".  

A workaholic.  

Wow!...what to do with this info now...???  

Yesterday I spent the day looking for blogs and/WA (Workaholic Anonymous) info.  Workaholism is nowhere near as "popular" as AA or NA or OA, but believe it or not, there are WA groups out there. Who would have have thunk?

I now have a new testimony: how I endured 40 years of such a lifestyle.  And I can sum it up in two words: God's Grace.  Without God's Grace, we would have been divorced many times over, and my children's lives would be oh so different.

In my younger years, I used to cry to God to change my non-communicative, workaholic husband. The loneliness at times was enough for me to want to take my own life.  Oh, cry out to God I did.

Then one day, my cry was no longer for my husband, but for me.  "Change me."   My desire to control my husband was gone and all that was left was a broken Diane.  But, those two words, cried out from a sincere heart, are what brought about the change I so desperately desired.  Not in my husband, but in my ability to live with it.

I've asked myself over and over in the last few months, would I do it again knowing then what I know now?

I can honestly answer a resounding YES!  Because since that day I cried out to God to change me....

  • I have a relationship with The Trinity that is vibrant, deep, and real
  • I have experienced over and over my Father's amazing Grace, therefore I am able to extend grace
  • I have lived a life of unconditional love - I have received it by my Father and poured it out to my husband and others
  • My children have lived adventerous lives all over the world there such a thing as an affairaholic?  Apparently, I married one of those as well...

Hi. My name is Diane and I'm done with the aholics!  Except to say, "Father, use me to help other women."

Because of Him and Unto Him,