Monday, June 30, 2014


"We have free will to choose to either sacrifice or destroy." ~Mika Sobottka 

 ...hhmmm...I've been pondering those words...  

What path we walk on is a choice.

What actions we make is a choice.

What direction our lives go in is a choice.

Lusting for what we cannot have is a choice.

My husband knew full well what the consequences of his choices would be.  You see, he was unfaithful in the early years of our marriage.  I forgave and did spiritual warfare for years for him to repent and return to the LORD. He did. And our marriage went on. But, he was told what the consequences would if he should ever turn his back on The LORD again or be unfaithful to me again.  So, in his choices to lay with other women - to embrace their families and provide a lifestyle for them - he knew exactly what the consequences would be.  

He chose to destroy - to destroy his family, his reputation, his earnings, his friendships.

Divorce is the outcome of his choices.  

Tearing apart our family is his choice.

Putting a huge dent in the finances that he has worked so hard over his lifetime to procure is a result of his choices.

And all his choices have led to destruction.

How different the outcome of our lives would be if he had only made the choice to sacrifice his urges to fornicate and deceive; to sacrifice his lust for the "forbidden fruit" of an other's tree.  After all, The LORD was present in Joe's decision making process (Joel3:12) and He provided an avenue of escape to the tempting thoughts that came to Joe (I Cor. 10:13).  But, Joe chose to destroy rather than sacrifice.

No man is an island. Every choice we make, ultimately, affects the lives of someone else.  Joe's non-sacrificial choices have affected many.

The depravity (lust of the flesh, of the eyes, and the pride of life) of the human soul to choose destruction over life is a challenge to my sensibilities.

But, from the time of Adam and Eve that depravity has been in play. That is the way of this world.  I thank God that I am no longer of this world though.  I walk according to The Spirit and not my flesh. 

I choose life. 

I choose sacrifice - sacrificing the flesh in order to continue to walk via The Spirit of The Living God.

Deep calls unto deep.  I'm diving into the deeper waters of The Spirit-led life. And, hopefully, over time my choices' affects will produce grander fruit than Joe's choices of destruction.  I have to believe they will.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Martha Herden said...

Diane- such a Powerful post you have brought forth from the depths of your heart! The LORD is moving you through this nightmare of being wounded to the Core by someone you Love. I am so honored to read your words and know I keep you lifted up in prayer..

HE has you wrapped tightly in a loving Embrace and will see you through this Wave of Hurt that now pounds at your heart daily. Please know you are loved and its my honor to have you as my Sister in Christ.. Martha

Kim said...

It is so hard to have to read this. I love you <3

Caroline said...

Hi Diane,
My heart still aches for you. Its obvious God continues to empower you through this horrible ,vicious storm. Yes, your husband chose the path of destruction hurting you mostly and so so many. But as you chose the healthiest path you all; to continue to voice your feelings.

Let your hope/faith remind you will reap much fruit Diane. Romans 8:37 comes to mind,starting with "In all things we r more than conquerors" and this saying - Is one of my favorites "Living well is the best revenge" - Dorothy Parker

Sending prayers & lots of love Caroline

Diane Ronzino said...

Women of God, you blow me away by your support. Truly, I'm so thankful for this outlet. Thank you for your love and encouraging words and PRAYERS! It is most humbling to be on the receiving end.

The LORD reminded me this morning that I'm reaping (prayers) what I have sowed over the years. I have prayed for each of you at different times in your lives. Your reciprocation is most appreciated.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!