Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's A Red-letter Day!

As I sit in my living room, the sun is getting ready to rise over the horizon, which will soon illuminate the brilliant white of the blizzard-dropped snow over our block. We are snowed in. This is day two and still no plows. I don't even hear them off in the distance. The plows must all be converged on our highways getting ready for tomorrow morning's rush hour. I can't remember the last time the plows weren't up and down our hill quickly. Snowed in. I love it. 

So I'm snuggling into my chair and I'm going to share with you, my dear friends, a precious gift I received. 

My Bible is a "red-lettered" edition, which means that the Words of Jesus Christ are in red type. And of course, since Jesus' recorded Words are only found in the New Testament, the Old Testament is black lettered. 
Over the years I've wondered why all The Words of God - in the Old and the New - weren't printed in red. After all, Jesus IS God, right? The Father and Jesus are ONE. Are they not?  
"Hhmm", my heart would ponder...
Every now and again I would google, searching to see if there was a red-lettered Old and New Testament Bible.  Surely there must be! 
A couple of weeks ago I read something. Somewhere. And again it sparked my investigative search. Usually I would search through page one, and maybe two, of the Google listings, and that would be it. This time, I went further. 
And guess what I found?
A King James Version Modern Version with ALL the Words of God in red. Old Testament and New.  I was beside myself with glee.
Of course, I purchased it. 
As I carefully opened God's Holy Word, I ran my fingers over the untouched-by-man Word of God. I felt honored to now own such a Bible. I opened to Genesis.  As my eyes beheld, "Let there be light", I think my heart skipped a beat and I almost cried. 
Yes, ALL of God's Holy Words are in red!
I've read my Bible cover to cover only twice in my almost 30 years. Shame on me. But, now it is time to do it again. In my new Bible.
As I take in all my Heavenly Father's Words in red, I know I will glean Wisdom and Understanding from His Truths
Truths spoken, then recorded for me.
For me!  
My mind will be renewed and my heart transformed. 
Thank You, my Father for this precious, precious gift!  Word of God speak, for Your Servant shall hear.

It's perfectly still out, not a creature is stirring. No cars running, because they can't go anywhere. As the sky lightens, I behold God's beauty and sigh.

All is well...

Thanks for coming by to share in this with me this morning. May your Sunday - and the week to follow - be blessed by the black or red letters of God's Holy Word.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Kim said...

That is awesome! I love it that such a Bible exists :)

joy said...

I love God's words no matter what color it has, but red is a very awakening color and maybe this must be the actuall color. To awaken those who reads:)

Bless your heart sister!

Betty said...

I like the idea of an all red bible...why was red blood He shed on Calvary. It is His word from the beginning the end. As always your post has encouraged me. Love you...

Diane Ronzino said...

Yes, me too, Kim!

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you, Joy! I agree with you.

Diane Ronzino said...

Aawww, Betty, you are such a natural encourager. Thank you!

Floyd said...

That makes perfect sense, but I never even thought of it. I got a new Bible for Christmas and I love it, but I still go back to my worn and tattered Bible my mom and dad got me in 1996. I've read that one through twice and I'm over half way through again. I also still have my King James red leather Red Letter Addition that I got from church in 1970. Of course that one is just the NT words of Christ.

Enjoy your snow day. It's sunny and around 68 here today. All of God's earth has beauty. Thanks for reminding me to take a look.

A Joyful Noise said...

Amazing that someone thought of that and you searched it out.
Hope the blizzard did not catch you unprepared. My ex daughter-in-law keeps in touch by Facebook and she is in tha storm area.

LOLITA said...

My dear Diane, whom I have missed so much.

I wanted to check on you because my brother and Mama are home this month and he has told me that there is a blizzard where you are.

I hope the plows will start doing their work on your roads immediately. Well, anyway, I am happy to note that you are now romancing the "lover of our soul" with Valentine red letters on the old and new. So happy that you are delirious over you new special Bible.

Happy to be back with the circle. Soon the blog, I hope.

Martha Herden said...

I have been thinking about your area-wondering if you might be covered with Snow~~its so hard for me (being from Texas-Snow of this amount seems like an image in a book) but you are living it and probably have seen this amount of snow many times!!

How this time gives you this opportunity to reach deep inside as
as only you can do. A beautiful reflection once again that you share with the world. Thank you for sharing HIS words with us-to remind us of the ultimate LOVE~~~all we need do is reach out-its there.

God bless you always!!
(((((((loving hugs)))))))) martha

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, Martha....thank you for your kind words.

Long Island hasn't had snow like this in many, many years. We live on the crest of a hill. Usually, the plows and sanders go up and down throughout a snow storm. But, this time, nothing. On the night of day four, a bulldozer came and did a one-lane pass through. That was it. No sand or salt. No clearing of the road.

A sign of the times...

Diane Ronzino said...

My heart skipped a beat when I just saw your name. Oh, how you are missed, precious Lolita!

I love you and thank you for coming by! Truly. I'm blessed to see your name and words. You are my precious sister, precious friend.