Monday, February 25, 2013

From the Chairs By the Window

I moved some furniture around in my living room. I now have two chairs facing each other in front of a large, curtainless picture window completely separate from the rest of the furniture. 

At first Joe didn't like this new arrangement. He thought it was "odd". But, his first early morning sit - looking out over the horizon with coffee in hand as the morning sky brightened - made him a lover of the chairs by the window.

In the Health for Life program I run, in our first two weekly classes, about every 20-25 minutes or so I ask people to get up and change seats. The first time they do it, they just oblige.  But, the second and third times I tell them to change seats, they get annoyed because they are all settled in and comfy. I then tell them this program is all about change. They can have a "lightbulb" moment, but somehow it doesn't make it any less bothersome to them.

Isn't that how most of us are to any form of change in our lives? Resistant. We are such creatures of habit that the tiniest bit of change can throw us for a loop. Change is bothersome. 

In a blink of an eye, with the ring of the telephone, our whole world can change. And those changes can be heartbreaking or scary. But, thank God our stability need not change in the midst of circumstantial shifts.

For our stability should be our faith in The LORD, because He changes not.
For I Am The LORD; I do not change. ~Malachi 3:6
Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times. ~Isaiah 33:6
And His Wisdom and knowledge (from His Word) will provide stability within our souls no matter how unstable our circumstances may be at the moment.

Change is inevitable. It comes to all of us. But, may we cling to God and His Wisdom to keep us stable, secure, and peaceful within.

Thank you for letting me share my chair-side muse with you this morning.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Betty said...

Diane I love this post, the meat of it. It so true how just the changing of the chairs can give us a new perspective on life. Our living room is too small to change but I change my little patio around, my potted flowers just to make it more comfortable to sit out there. It's my place of refuge. Thank God though He is always in the same place so we know where to find Him. Comforting post my friend, wish I could come sit in one of your two chairs and drink tea with you.

TC Avey said...

I don't like change...but I trust God to help me through it.
Thank, God, He doesn't change! He is my ever constant in this changing world.

A Joyful Noise said...

I hate change when I am comfortable - - perhaps that is nature. Our Pastor's sermon on sunday was about change, and Abraham who was told to leave his comfortable home and travel to a land that he Knew NOT, but was a promised land. That wasn't the end of change for Abraham, and it probably will not be the end of change for us either. Awesome Post!

Floyd said...

Yeah, count me too. I struggle with change. We try to get all of our lives into a routine for us to be able to not have to think about; like auto pilot. God doesn't change... Great reminder, Diane.

LOLITA said...

I like the image of those two chairs facing a picture window and gives a vantage point to welcome the first rays of the sun each morning.

And I agree with change, any bit of it, is a disruption to a regular even beat of daily living. Yet it is a constant. If not for His steadfastness and faithfulness, how can I cope.

Allelujah to Him who does not change like shifting shadows. Be unto Him glory forever!

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, Betty, how I wish that as well! To look into your eyes, would be such a magnificent blessing!

I love that you change your patio (with plants) around. Are you a plant lover? I am. Indoor plants. I dont' know the first thing about outdoor gardening.

Every spring, I take most of my plants outside on our porch. Cart them in every fall. Oh, how they thrive!

Let us believe that one day we will get to sit and chat over a cup of tea together!

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, Amen, TC. He is mine as well! Thanks for coming by!

Diane Ronzino said...

LOL...yes, Hazel, I do believe you are right! Thanks for sharing!

Diane Ronzino said...

Yeah, Floyd, I think we are all in the same boat! Thank God we have HIM who is our constant!

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, Lolita, I say Amen to your words. AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post and thoughts, Diane. I love the idea of your two chairs facing each other in the front window. And the view from there that you must have. I like conversational areas, and this one is also a great place to meet with the Lord, sounds like. Do you have a table in between them? The lover of decorating in me is wondering what colors you have in your furniture? :)

Diane Ronzino said...

No table, Pam. One chair is an Ikea chair so it has an ottomon. So, the otoomon can be used by either or/or both. The other chair is a stuffed chair that matches the couches.

We have hard wood floors. In the area where my couches are, I have an area rug under the coffee table.

So, for this, I bought an 8' runner rug that the two chairs sit on. It's a completely different rug than the area rug, which really sets it apart.

And yes, it is my place to meet The LORD, and get inspired to write.

Anonymous said...

Sounds warm and inviting...