Friday, January 18, 2013

A Tennesse Reunion

Together Again!
Michael, my first born, and Alece, my middle born, are alone together for the first time in about 20 years.  Michael flew to Nashville, TN to spend some much needed vacation time with his sister in her new life down south.


Right after high school, Michael went to Teen Mania's Internship and then headed out on the road to bring the Gospel to teens.

Right after high school (two years behind Michael), Alece did the same thing.  Only her destination after the internship was South Africa.

She stayed there for 12 years.

So, this will be ten days of brother and sister reconnecting.

Getting to know each other as adults.

Getting to know each other without the confines of parents and their third younger sibling.

Just adult brother and sister.

I have no idea what that must be like for them. My only sibling - a brother two years older than me - and I have not seen each other in about 30 years. Or spoken.

I am an orphan. In every sense of the word. So, I honestly cannot relate to what this visit must mean to my children. 

How does an adult sister interact with her adult brother?  I haven't a clue.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall. I wish I could feel what they are feeling toward each other. I wish I could understand a loving brother-sister relationship.

I don't. 

But, what I do understand is the need for family. The need to connect with family. And I am blessed that Michael and Alece have this time together.  

I'm blessed my children don't know what it is to be orphaned. 

I'm blessed they have each other to empathize with.  

Thank You, Jesus! Thank You!

Enjoy every moment with your families! P l e a s e.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


joy said...

I am happy to hear that your children are being together and serving God too. It is precious!

A Joyful Noise said...

Not all brothers and sisters are close and to be honest, perhaps the best sisters and brothers are those we have in Christ. Often our christian friends are closer than a brother (or sister)
I have a crazy sister, and a brother who is busy with their own lives. We seldom connect.

Floyd said...

God redeemed your life in a big way! Although difficult to grasp, His ways are perfect. I think your life probably made you a better mother. You know a side of life that most people don't which gives you more insight, wisdom, and a better perspective. I'm with you. I too thank God for the blessing of family. You've done an amazing job, mom...

Crown of Beauty said...

This post is so precious. Something in me rejoices... but something in your words also brought tears to my eyes. Being an orphan... and not having experienced the love and warmth of parental nurture and care.

Abba Father knows... and cares!

I am sure your two children are going to have a wonderful time together.

And, Diane... thank you for reading my Christmas Day post and leaving a response. I did reply to the comment you write. If you have a bit of time, please come over to read it.

Thank you dear friend. I value and treasure your friendship!


Diane Ronzino said...

Ok, did me in....I'm sitting here teary-eyed.

Thank you Joy for coming by. I hope you are well. I've missed you!

Hazel, you are absolutely right. God has given me brothers and sisters in Him, that I truly do consider family. For that I am blessed. Thank you for sharing what you did about your own family. It helped put everything back into perspective. I'm so grateful for your Wisdom, Hazel!

Floyd, you are one of my brothers and I'm so blessed , as always, by your words of exhortation. You truly do lift others up. And I'm so blessed to know you. Thank you for your words. They, too, are full of Wisdom!

Precious Lidia, I will go and read your response. With tears streaming down my face, I tell you I love you and am so blessed by your heart. We are kindred spirits!

I appreciate you all so very much. Thank you for the kindness you show and the sincerity of heart. I truly am blessed to know you all!

Thank you for being my family. My sisters, my brother!

Pamela said...

My heart aches to read that you don't know the love of siblings. It's a connection that completes because of history. But God promised to be a friend closer than a brother and from you writings I know you belong to Him. So special that your children can connect after so many years. What an honor to raise children who have a heart to spread the gospel.

Martha Herden said...

What better word to start with than a simple but heart-felt HELLO!!!!

The rest of their words will follow as they re-unite.

Your post reminded me of a comment made by our local Funeral Director when i was interviewing him~~~~

he said "the saddest thing I see in this line of work is when a loved one has passed, brothers and sisters suddenly brought together by a loss and because of their lost time together--they can't HELP each other through the Grief process. Its heart-breaking to see it and to know they now will carry added Pain to their lives."

I can't forget that statement-because its so painfully true!! There are family wounds that never heal--I understand that very clearly in my own life Diane.

Just lift them both up in prayer-God will handle the rest of it.

love, martha

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you for your kind words, Pamela! Over the years, God has truly given me Godly men and woman who I've considered family. So, with that I am truly blessed.

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you for your encouraging words, Martha!

LOLITA said...

Thank you, Jesus Amen.

For we are meant to be in-family, with family and for family. You first instituted family and You have adopted us too, so we won't be alone even if we are in the human sense.

I thank you for mine and for the extended family in this WWW, so I have met my COF here. Bless us all Father.

D, I am rejoicing for Michael and for Alece. We will just imagine what that would be.

Me, I do relate because I have grown up into this mix-family of step-siblings and even if there were fights and misunderstandings during younger days, soon those will be blurred the present bonding that we have.

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, Lolita! Thank you for coming by...thank you for your words to our Father. I ditto them!

I love you!