Monday, December 31, 2012

Prudy's Pen

Joe and I are big-time supporters of "mom and pop" businesses. In a land where mega stores have taken over our towns, Joe and I do our best to still shop from local, small businesses. I guess that is why I am so drawn to Etsy.

For those of who may not have yet discovered, this is a site where, for the most part, everything is handmade. Cottage Industry extraordinaire!  I've been doing the majority of my Christmas/birthday shopping from these wonderfully, gifted little businesses for the last several years now.  Almost anything you can imagine can be found in the Etsy stores. If not handmade, antiques.  

This Christmas I found an antique lock from the Pennsylvania Railroad. Out of all the Christmas presents, my son loved this the most.

"Christmas in Heaven" hand printed by Prudy's Pen
And I also found a gifted calligrapher. 

Prudence Long of Lima, Ohio has a brand new shop on Etsy, called Prudy's Pen. The photos of her cards don't do them justice. Her work is beautiful and professional - framable and gift-giveable! And she does custom pieces. 

I told Prudy, who has a warm, gentle spirit, that I would feature her new company on my blog. Prudy has the kind of precious spirit that we would be drawn to here in blogsphere.  Please take time to visit her brand new website, and her Etsy store. You can actually go directly to Prudy's Etsy store from her site. 

And drop Prudy an encouraging word while you are there or inquire about a custom piece. You won't be disappointed.

I'm proud to say I've made a new friend in Prudy Long. And I have a list of custom pieces I want her to do for me. So, you better hurry, otherwise she will be very busy!

And if you've never shopped on the Etsy site, be careful: it's addictive!  

Happy New Year Everyone!


A Joyful Noise said...

Thank you for promoting this lovely site. My sister-in-law is one of the shops: moonlight55 and she makes lovely hand made casserole covers.

Floyd said...

I'm with you in supporting the small businesses. I'll check out her site. I have another friend of mine who sells her handmade items on that site.

joy said...

Dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year and thanjs gir the tips:)

Pam said...

I love the way she "illuminates" the first letter in that lovely style. Will have to check out the site. More and more of us in these "homemade" businesses... thanks for sharing hers.

Jennifer Dougan said...

Happy new year, Diane! We like to support local businesses too, and always get our tree from a small in-town hardware store. :)

Jennifer Dougan