Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are There Any Georges Amongst Us?

Hope deferred makes the heart sick; but when it comes, it is a tree of life.                         ~ Proverbs 13:12
George Bailey was a man who became heart-sick from his hope of going to college being deferred. Heart-sick to the point of wanting to die.  But, how did it manifest? 

Frustration, anger, depression.

Sometimes, those may be the only emotions a heart-sick soul can manifest. That dream, vision, or hope may be so long in manifesting that they no longer remember why they are frustrated, angry, or depressed; or they cannot even verbalize their deepest longing.

Can anyone relate to George Bailey?

Frank Capra, who directed It's A Wonderful Life, has said it was the best movie he ever made. Could it be because everyone can relate to George Bailey - including Mr. Capra?

Everyone of us has had dreams and hopes dashed or deferred.

Everyone of us has been overwhelmed with life's circumstances.  

I have read that the scene in the bar where George talks to God, Jimmy Stewart was so overcome with emotion that he started to sob and talk to God. Mr. Capra kept the film rolling and captured Jimmy's truest emotions bursting forth. In that moment he wasn't acting - just identifying with George.

At the end of the movie our George's heart is transformed. The heart of stone miraculously turned to a heart of flesh, as only our God does. (Ezekiel 36:26)

It's A Wonderful Life is one of the most endearing films of all times. And we look forward to it each Christmas season. Why do we love George Bailey so?  Maybe because there is a little bit of George in all of us.

And it instills in us hope.

21 Days 'till we officinally celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour.  But, because there is a little bit of George in all of us, we celebrate Christmas all year through.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Christina Berry said...

One of my favorite movies, and one of my favorite actors. This is a beautiful post - thanks for sharing, Diane! <3

Kim said...

Classic movie :)

Floyd said...

Yes... There's a little bit of fallen Jorge in all of us... That's my hispanic AKA! Great point. We can all relate...

Betty said...

Our favorite movie to watch, think we will watch it this year with our grandkids even though they may not grasp the hope theme. But it's good to share our traditions with them.

Agree there is a little bit of George in all of us...

Good post my wise hearted friend.

A Joyful Noise said...

There have been times when our hopes were dashed by unseen hands and no fault of our own, BUT - -
God is faithful, and will turn those circumstances to fit into His plans. Thanks for your encouraging words today!

Martha Herden said...

I CHERISH this movie, and cry each season as I watch George rise, fall, and thinks life is not worth the effort!! Thank GOD for his special Angel and the deep Faith inside George's heart.

Two scenes in the movie hit me the hardest~~~the drug store where he suddenly realizes there has been a terrible mistake made by the old druggist who is in the agony of Grief-he strikes out at George, hitting his bad ear-then realizing George has caught his mistake and saved a life!!!

The other is when he is falling in love with his wife to be and tells her "I will lasso the Moon for you" as he expresses his love for her.

There is a piece of George in all of us--we succeed, fail, rise, struggle-and then we start the process over again and again.

The Lord hung on that Cross out of the greatest LOVE one could give-Life is very much worth the struggles we go through.

Thank you for reminding me of George!!

Blessings Diane. hugs too. martha

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

Martha, I, too, love those scenes. Thanks for sharing your heart on this. I say, Amen!