Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OK, So What If?!

I'm not a politically minded person, but this is something that God has been personally challenging me with; therefore, I share it with you my friends. And I apologize in advance for the length of this post.

Many Americans are disappointed about this Presidential election. Obviously though, many more are joyous. Those who are disappointed may be wondering about the state of our nation - the decline of society as we know it, and what the results of this election will mean for us in the future. 

As Americans, we have the Constitutional right to bear arms to protect our families and properties. But a movement is surfacing within The Body of Christ. And it's getting louder and louder. Doomsayers are spreading a new "gospel" of fear and violence by boldly professing to prepare for what is coming by stockpiling goods, weapons, and ammunition. Kill in order to protect your food is their mantra. They are very vocal about their negative feelings about our government, yet we are told by God to pray for those in authority in our nation. They are seriously proselytizing. They are seriously on a mission to win others to their "mission". 

Our Lord Jesus Christ tells us to not give thought about tomorrow (Matt. 5:34). And He tells us specifically in Psalm 37 not to fret because of evildoers because they will be cut down; therefore, trust in The LORD. The true Gospel of Jesus Christ points us in a different direction. A different way of life. A different way of thinking, believing, and behavior than those in the world. And Jesus Christ, Himself, has told us in Matthew 7:15-20 that we will know them - the ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing - by their fruits. And we must know The Word of God for ourselves in order to be discerning.  We must become fruit inspectors to those within our church walls who are bold and brazen to win us over to their side. We must be a louder voice than they through our lifestyle and the truth of The Word of God. 

The United States of America that we once knew is no more. I think we all know that. We have quietly but quickly become a socialistic nation. Fr. Andrew was invited to lead the opening prayer at the 2012 Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention in the Magness Arena at the University of Denver.  If you haven't already seen this YouTube clip, I encourage you to watch this in its entirety. 

But, for those of us who are true Believers, Followers of Christ - Christians - our lives are in the Hand of God. It is in Him Whom we trust, isn't it?

Isn't it?!  Or is that just a nice little saying on our money?  

Are we relying on hoarding, weaponry, and violence rather than The Spirit of The LORD God Almighty Who will bestow Wisdom, provision, and protection? I dare say there is quickly becoming a new dividing line in our nation.  Not Republican vs. Democrat, but Christian vs. "Christian".  Truly, a sign of our times. 

What might The Spirit of God be saying to His people through the outcome of this election?  Selah

The following quote by Richard Stearns, President of World Vision was put before us at church on Sunday: 
What if God wants the church to “go back to the basics" of living as Disciples of Christ - living missionally for Christ and demonstrating The Gospel in tangible ways within our schools, workplaces, and communities?
Christians can stop worrying about the symbols of the decline of Christian America and get back to the mission Jesus gave us to show the world a different way to live – a way that demonstrates the great character of God: His love, His justice, His compassion, His forgiveness, and His reconciliation. 
So, I ask myself and you, "What if?"

What if we stopped worrying about future catastrophes and planning for a violent doomsday with the "right" to protect our "stuff" - and started really living the true Gospel?  Selah

What if whatever lies ahead for us as Americans at the hand of our government, we, as The Body of Christ, demonstrate a different way to live?  Selah 

What if we began to live a life of radical faith in the God we claim to believe in?  Selah

What if we lived a life of unconditional love, grace, mercy, and compassion to those not so deserving?  Selah

What if we gave away to those in need rather than hoarding for some future event that may or may not happen in our lifetime?  Selah

What if we trusted God to provide for us, protect us, and to use us as His instrument of provision for others?  Selah

What if our words are seasoned with grace toward a President and government policies we may not agree with?  Selah

What if we prayed more and verbalized less?  Selah

What if we stopped preaching doomsday and started sharing The Truth of God's Word to encourage and strengthen each other for the days that are coming.  Selah

In the dark days ahead, we have a tremendous opportunity - and I dare say, responsibility - to be the Mouth, Hands, Feet, and Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ to a lost and decaying society. We MUST let our Light shine in the darkness that surrounds us. Darkness can only envelop us if our Light goes out. If it stays lit, darkness will be kept at bay.

No government policy can cause a heart warmed with God's Love to grow cold. Selah    

No government policy can cause a heart filled with faith to lose trust and hope in our God and His Word. Selah

No government policy can cause God not to provide for His children.  Selah

No government policy can cause a heart saturated with The Word of God to be less Christ-like. Selah

And no opposing anti-Christ(ian) voices can nullify The Truth of the Character of The LORD God Almighty to save, heal, protect, and provide for His children because He is a Loving Father. Selah

So, may our Light so shine before men 
that they see our good works 
and glorify our Father in Heaven (Matt. 5:16)
no matter how dark and depraved our nation becomes.
Then, and only then,
can we live up to the name "Christian". 

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Martha Herden said...

If I have shared this memory before, please forgive me, but I felt moved from your post and so here it is;

I was very young, about six years old and it was voting time. My parents headed to the Voting place and my Mom rushed ahead. Daddy was headed toward the door as I tried to go in with him. He stopped and gave me this lesson:

Sister-you can't go in this building. Something very important is happening in there-we are here to pick the next leader of our country! Its a serious decision that we take as an Honor. God blessed us with the chance to live in this country-many people have died-fighting for freedom that we enjoy. You remember this when your first time comes to vote. Make sure you vote-even if you don't like the person, it is your right to Vote.

He only had an 8th grade education but taught me so much about love of God, love of our country. I do not choose to live in fear-for I know HE watches over me.

FAITH is not something you can touch or see, its reaching forward and simply believing. I could never imagine my life without faith-knowing God is beside me.

A tough post you have been led to write. Have FAITH in your decision. Everyone has different opinions. We all have one God!

blessings. martha

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you for sharing your Dad's wisdom. I love that he would spend the time to explain such things to you.

This truly was a very tough post to publish. Actually, I agonized over it. I emailed it to my husband first. He approved. At his suggestion, because I was still fighting trepidation, I emailed it to my pastor. She approved. It still took me a while to click the PUBLISH button.

The root of this post came from personal expeience with ones who I have known for 30 years. They have most crossed a line. I'm probably am "preaching to the choir" with this post. As they never read my blog. LOL.

Anyone thank you for commenting Martha and sharing your Daddy with us!

Diane Ronzino said...

Sorry, for all the typos!

Floyd said...

Very wise and compelling words, Diane. I agree completely and if you happen to read my post today it might seem like the opposite, it's not. It's just that the tools of protection and provision are just that; tools. It is our faith in God and the common sense from wisdom that prepares us to face the days ahead.

We all know that fear is not from God, and yet the Christians who put their faith in the tools instead of the Almighty Hand are demonstrating their faith and fruits.

We need to continue to pray for a revival in this nation that God formed and holds in His hand.

This is an awesome post, full of wisdom and hope, which is confidence in our Father.

Betty said...

Diane, I too agree with your post because I know you are not talking about just preparing for an emergancy like say what the east coast has been experiencing.

Watching some of those programs on TV about those who believe they have to kill to protect their food storage is scary. We have taken some training on some pretty bad situations. They gave us knowledge on how to defuse or how to survive some very dangerous situations. One thing I learned about myself is that I would stop anybody with whatever means I had from coming into our house, ESPECIALLY if they were going to hurt my children or grandchildren. I like the fact we have freedom to protect our selves. Yeah, if I lived alone I would for sure arm myself. But this is one area great discernment needs to be used. The training we got sure made me stop and think BECAUSE I am a Christian.

Lots of TV programs and movies out there about people protecting themselves from "dead people" and other threats and they never bring into the picture of course any of Christ teachings.

I can understand why you hesitated before posting, dreaded subject, one everyone has to personally deal with.

I think the love of God will have to be preached louder then it is now to shut out the voices of those preaching doomsday. People will probably call it doomsday when we Christians are raputured out of here. This kind of post makes one dig deep for where we stand. Thanks for sharing your heart on this Diane...not easy to do. Blessings

Crown of Beauty said...

Such words of wisdom... badly needed words at this time when the enemy is trying to destabilize your nation.

We all need to walk in the opposite spirit of what our human eyes can see, activate our spiritual senses... let the Spirit guide, and not make soulish decisions.

Fear always destabilizes, but true hope empowers.

I am praying for your nation. God is still on the throne. The shaking is happening to find out those whose hearts are still loyal to Him.


Veronica Shticks Anderson said...

So proud of you, Diane!

Diane Ronzino said...

Thanks, Floyd. "Faith in the tools" - I love that. Yes, their faith is definitely in the tools and themselves. I guess it brings out the little boy in these men who want to play pretend. LOL...I pun on your post. I'm only joking, Floyd! Thanks for taking the time to commenting.

Diane Ronzino said...

Betty, thank you. This was very difficult for me. But, I truly felt compelled by The Holy Spirit. We have a Constitutional right to bear arms to protect ourselves.

And like Floyd said in his post, the Disciples themselves carried weapons.

And there is nothing wrong with having extra food or supplies on hand for emergencies. But, some of these people truly have crossed a line. They have hoards of supplies and weapons. It's very scary. It has started a whole new industry in this country to supply the demand.

Anyway...I'm jumping down off the soapbox. Hopefully, it will give someone food for thought.

Diane Ronzino said...

AMEN to your words, Lidia! AMEN!

Diane Ronzino said...

Really, Veronica? Thank you.

I'm not a controversial person. Nor am I an opinionated person. I truly felt compelled to write it.