Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Keys to My Assignment

I don't know his last name or very much about him - this new next-door neighbor of ours. I've only been face-to-face with him once before. A good looking younger man, built like a Mack truck. The only things I know about him is that he is in the National Guard, divorced with a son whom he sees on weekends. And we have never seen.

That's it.

He approached me Saturday on my front lawn.  After saying hello, he handed me a set of keys. "These are the house keys, in case something happens". And kept talking. I missed the rest of what he said.  He said it nonchalantly and all in one breath. Kind of like he has said these words before. I must have had a bewildered look on my face because I sure was.

He is being deployed to Afghanistan next month. I didn't even know that the National Guard did that. That confused me.

"I'll get you a set of car keys as well, in case." His words flowed so effortlessly, it made me think, this is a highly trained man!

As he was saying those words, it dawned on me.  He is preparing for the "in case something happens" scenario. As a soldier being deployed to Afghanistan, this is something he is ordered to do. Prepare for not coming home.  And I only know that from watching the TV show, Army Wives.

As he transferred the keys to my hand, I knew my Father was handing me a tremendous responsibility - to pray and cover his life during his four-month tour. Only four months? Well, I guess that's all the National Guard goes for.

"When I come back to give you the car keys, I'll have some lists and papers for you as well." He is entrusting his new house, his car, and his personal paperwork to us. I was almost speechless. We are total strangers to him.

"OK", was kind of all I could muster. I started to get emotional as the reality of what he was saying and not saying hit me.  My mother's heart wanted to throw my arms around him and start praying. But, I refrained.

Can you imagine what it must be like to have to make all those arrangements ahead of time? Knowing the reality of death could be around the corner?


I don't think he knows The LORD the way I do. But, I'm going to take this assignment from God very seriously. I will intercede for his safety, his well-being, and for his salvation - even if it is a "foxhole conversion".

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Maybe The LORD will also put Rob on your heart. If He does, would you please pray for him as well? His ten-year-old son will be awaiting his dad's return. 

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Pam said...

Diane, I believe you are so right - this is no "coincidence" that he is living next to you, asking you to do this. I would even be so bold as to say that I think it would be good to even tell him you'll be praying for his safety... or to ask him if he would like prayer, if you see him again before he leaves. or put a note in his box (did he give you his overseas contact address? You could always send a card to say you are praying)

Betty said...

Diane what a precioius assignement God has brought your way. This young man has had to pick up on something trustworthy in your life to just hand the keys over to you. I agree with Pam because it is such a God sent thing. Thanks for encluding us in this assignment by asking us to pray for him. Blessings my friend.

A Joyful Noise said...

Oh this man saw something in you that he could trust. Yes, I do hope this contact will continue and do let him know that YOU and others are praying for his safe return. - - and more.

Floyd said...

Oh man. I'm praying for him and his son now. He's next to you for a reason... no coincidence there. You too are on the front line Diane, just in a different way. I know you'll pray with him before he leaves. I'm praying for you too.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and breathtaking assignment. What a daunting responsibility people like Rob accept. Words fail.

LOLITA said...

Yes, Diane we will also put him and his assignment in our heart.

For God, there are no accidents. He must have moved Rob to make you his keeper while away.

God bless him on his assignment and pray that God will reunite him with his son after.

Perhaps you could invite him and pray over him before he leaves so that he would know in his heart that people are lifting him up to God.

Martha Herden said...
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Martha said...

My heart says God Spoke to this man, giving him directions to you!

I asked my Dad one time "Did you ever Pray while in the war?" Once the words left my mouth, I felt terrible guilt about daring to Wade into a moment in time that only my Dad and countless thousands of young innocent men faced.

He gave me a long, hard look-then slowly said "Yes, Sister-we all prayed Every Damn Day!"

Its terrible that War could be the tool that brought so many men to find God-but they did!

I will be praying for this young man-but I have a feeling his love of God is residing strong in his heart-giving him stronger Faith as he prays to escape HARM and return home to his Gift from God-a SON.

Maybe God needed you to simply be there and say OKAY-giving this man assurance that he could leave all the "important issues" behind him-in your hands.

God will now walk beside him as he steps into battle.

A terrible milestone was reached this week- 2000 soldiers killed while serving in this foreign country. Yet here another young "Soldier of God" willing goes to do his job.

I pray for all those still serving, those preparing to serve,and ask God to grant perpetual REST to those who paid the ultimate Price, as they died in this conflict.


Diane Ronzino said...

I'm having major computer troubles. I thank you all for your beautiful comments. I appreciate every word. Martha, I copied and pasted your original comment from my email notification. I'm so sorry that it disappeared.

I did tell Rob I would be praying for him. And hopefully, I will have the opportunity to pray over him before he leaves. Thank you to those who also prayed and will do so. All your hearts are so precious to me!

I have to make this quick before I get ERRORed out.

joy said...

very touching, Yes I will lift them up in prayer:)