Friday, August 10, 2012

Because of Him and Unto Him

i sit
surrounded by Your Presence

encased in Your Love
beautified by Your Grace

i lift my voice
to worship You, my King

i lift my heart to You
have Your Way

pulse, heartbeat, lungs expanding
another day of life

another day of flowing in Your Life
another day of being Your Love to the unlovable

may this day count for something, LORD
use me, i pray

may i be Your Voice
may i be Your Hands

shine through me like a lighthouse
for those being tossed to and fro in the sea of life

Father, cause this day to count in Your Kingdom
i ask of You, please

i sit and bask in Your Love
a Love so great

a Love so great that i am forever changed
a Love so great that i am compelled

because of You
and unto You


Because of Him and Unto Him,


Martha Herden said...

Praying in A wave of Poetry!

Uplifting-wonderful and without question, touches the soul of all who pause and read.

Bless you Diane! God smiles each time you write HIS words.

(((blessings))) martha

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you, Martha. Rarely, do I write poetry. It truly was the Holy Spirit.

Pam said...

It almost looks like song lyrics to me. Know anyone who writes music?

Beautiful and Spirit-filled, Diane. I was watching Pat and Shirley Boone on a christian show last night, sharing their testimony of how they became Spirit-filled, were thrown out of their old church for their glory to the Spirit, and how he has worked in their lives since then (over 30 years now)... I had read both their books back in the 1970's or 80's, but it was a beautiful fresh thing to hear them talking of being so in love with the Spirit still...

A Joyful Noise said...

Poetry in prayer is the best kind. As the Holy Spirit flows and fills us we can express our love to our Lord in praise and prose.

Floyd said...

Soul beautiful Diane... Soul lifting beautiful...

joy said...

\what abeautiful hertfelt prayer. I can really feel the love there from you t GOd.

LOLITA said...

So much love here, Diane. Vertical and Horizontal love. A triangle of Agape.

I am worshiping with you and rejoicing.

This gives me goosebumps, D.

Yadah here, I raise my hands up to glorify your Name. Use Diane, Lord, in every way there is. Thank you, Father in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen!

LOLITA said...


I went to Alece today and I found myself in the depth of her musings.

I love the reminder so much as I witness the sight of people, homeless and some whose homes are still submerged in dirty flood waters, yet as the ruble and the thrash mounds, there the are ready to start anew again. There is hope!

I just want to share this. TY.

Diane Ronzino said...

No, Pam, I don't know anyone who writes music.

That is awesome about Pat & Shirley Boone. Awesome after so many years. What an inspiration!

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you, Floyd.

Diane Ronzino said...

It was a special moment, Joy. Thank you.

Diane Ronzino said...

Yadah, thank you for worshiping with me...I can feel your spirit's praises. Thank you for your prayers.

And thank you for visiting Grit and Glory.

You are a precious sister to me!

Diane Ronzino said...

Hazel, you are so right. The Holy Spirit can express through us in a way that is uncommon to us. I just love when he does this.

Obviously, you know...

Kindred spirits.

Ursula said...

Oh wow - that was really beautiful! That really touched me.

Don't ya just love Holy Spirit inspired poems???

Ursula xxx

Diane Ronzino said...

Welcome Ursula! I just spent some time on your blog and I'm blown away...I think I've found another kindred spirit.

I'd love to know how you found me. Thank you for coming by to read and comment. I look forward to those in my Circle of Sharing to get to know you.

God bless you!

BelovedBomber said...

What a beautiful writer you are! I am glad that you found my blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed popping around on yours. I would love more info about your book on changing eating habits for improving health. Many blessings to you!

Caroline said...

Another encouraging message.. that so connects me to the Prince of Peace.
And I did not know you had the added talent of a poet.

Shockingly to me.. I recently had a holy spirit experience when the spirit truly took the pen and wrote what seemed to be a long poem of some type in epic fashion in which I professed my deep love, automatic forgiveness toward my husband during a time when circumstances left me feeling bitter at him.

WHen I begin my day I ask the lord to guide me and be with me thruoghout that day.I love the way u say "may i be Your Voice ;may i be Your Hands..that says it all! I too,have always felt light,the sun,candles,indoor or outdoor firss as well as the sea/ocean to be healing and peaceful.I often think of an inner forever candle flame as Jesus in my heart or God's light shining upon my path of life especially within the darker areas of that path

Love this new way of looking at helping others..Envisioning us as a lighthouse where Gods light can shine through us to help others being tossed about..creative inspiration at its best Diane.

Diane Ronzino said...

Hi BB! Thanks for coming by to read.

I do not have a book. It was a curriculum I wrote for our church. It was written with small groups in mind. It is a 26 week course that incorporates God's Word and practical nutrition in each class.

You can find excerpts of it on my Health for Life blog. The web address is:

Thanks again for coming by!

Diane Ronzino said...

Caroline, I'm most blessed by your words. As shocked as you were that The Holy Spirit gave you the words to write your poem, I am just as surprised when He does it through me. I usually use a pen name for those because I cannot take any credit for it.

Aside from the inspiration of God's Spirit, you have a natural gift for writing, Caroline. Maybe you would like to submit a testimony?

I encourage you to keep writing, my sister and friend. Keep writing!

And thank you so much for sharing here. It means a lot to me!

I've had quite a few days with computer troubles. And I've been frustrated to no brightened my gloomy day! Thank you, Caroline!

Ann Cocktale said...

What a beautiful prayer for the day and a praise to Him. Precious words and testimony.

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you, Ann!