Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Book That Tells All

After I commented back to Floyd on my last post, I realized I needed to write a post about my Bible. It is very personal to me, but I desire to share it with my Circle.

I have an old Open Study Bible in the New King James Version. When I purchased it, the high-quality leather was a beautiful shade of blue with silver on the page edges. The blue is an off-blue now and the silver is long gone.

I had my name and "A Vessel of Honor" (from II Tim. 2:20-21) embossed in silver on the front cover.  As a newish Christian, I was no where near being a "Vessel of Honor", but I sure did desire to be. So, I it had it placed on the cover to be my life's goal.  Every time I read The Word and allow it to be that doubled-edged sword to my own self, I am one step closer to my goal.

You can see from the photo how out of shape it is. Along the binding, I have clear packaging tape on to hold the front cover to the binding.  I've purchased other Bibles and I certainly use them to study from. But, when I preach or teach, I must have this Bible. I can find Scriptures that I need when I can't find them in any other Bible. It's like my spirit is fine-tuned to the words in this Book. I may not remember what chapter and verse to find a Scripture, but I do remember where it is placed on the page. This study Bible has an awesome concordance and encyclopedia in it, which helps me to find Scriptures I'm trying to locate.

This is actually the second Bible I've had in my 28 years of walking with Jesus.  After the first one fell a part, I purchased this one and painstakingly recopied every note from the first Bible. It took about 6 months of daily scribing to complete. Oh, how my faith soared as I re-wrote all God had done for me and in me!  I not only have sticky notes on various verses, I have hand-scribbled original meanings of words and cross references; dates and words of thanksgiving or repentance; prayers prayed; Words God spoke to me; my accountings of angels; and all my major healings and deliverances.  You can say my whole AD (After Chrsit) life has been recorded in my precious Bible.

I can remember when I began to write "Expect A Miracle" on the top of every page. Phew, that was an undertaking as well! My handwriting would get sloppy as I got tired of writing and had to stop. As I wrote on each page header, I would read all the notes I had written on that page.  It was a slow-as-molasses process, but it helped me to grow and change; and kept me falling in Love with my Wonderful, Beloved Jesus, over and over again.

I even have my three children's first missionary trips, with their prayer cards pasted in the back cover of my Bible.

I don't have much in the way of monetary gain or possessions to leave as a legacy to my children, but I sure have my Bible. I'm sure my children do not know the value of it.


...My hope is one day, when I'm eternally basking in The Glory of The Most High God, my children will pass the Bible around, spending as much time as the need, reading every jot and tittle in it. Maybe that will give them a greater under-standing of their mother, whose only aim in life is to become that Vessel of Honor, making my life an act of worship unto my God.

To REALLY know their Mom, all they have to do is read my Bible. I hope when that day comes, they will treasure their inheritance as my most precious gift to them.  May God use it to solidify their faith, and cause it to be an encouraging word to them whenever they need it.

Years ago, I typed and framed this of my love for God's Word. It is taken from various Scriptures:

Your Testimonies have I taken as a heritage forever ~
for They are the rejoicing of my heart!  
I have inclined my heart to perform Your Statutes 
~ forever ~
to the very end!


Because of Him and Unto Him,


Floyd said...

I can't remember reading a more heart felt, God inspired post and am thrilled to be in your Circle - it is an honor.

My Bible, the one that God used to change me permanently was a gift from my mom and dad in the mid 90's. It is worn and looks trashed now, but it is dear to me. I hold it to my chest sometimes when I pray and am comforted by God in the process.

I too study with other Bibles, but that one means everything to me. I wrote a blog probably last year about that one or my first one, I can't remember which, maybe both? But in it I described my daughters grown, opening up an old box with their future children, peering inside and under the old stuffed animals they find my old Bibles...

Very, very moving post Diane. Thanks.

Diane Ronzino said...

I am honored that you want to be in my Circle, Floyd. Thank you! Did you notice I had put your button on my blog?

How precious your Bible was a gift from your parents. I hold mine to my chest too. cool will that be when your daughters find your treasure! Wow...And we will be skipping around Heaven - the fulfillment of each and every verse. Wahoo!

Betty said...

Love your post on the most precious book on the earth. Both our children has ask for our bibles, so Ace's will go to Jared and mine to Tara. It's the only thing they really want from us...good thing too for we have little in stuff but great wealth in our Bibles.

We come out of a KJV only spiritual back ground where everyone carried a bible to church. My bible went to Bolivia with me, back to the states, then to Papua New Guinea for the first six years. It was so moldy there and when you opened my bible you could smell it. Funny story...I was at a ladies conference with my old bible...after about 20 minutes the lady on the left of me started sneezing so much she finally had to get up and leave. Not realizing why...I shifted my body, had to shift my bible then and it was closer to my friend. soon she begin to sneeze...IT WAS THE MOLD SMELL FROM MY BIBLE/ It still smell moldy and when I share I ask ladies, do you want to smell PNG...smell the Word...all get a kick out of it. I love my old bible, like you Diane did the same, transferred all my notes to it...I have almost lost Hebrews, pages are oil soaked...tear soaked...prayed soaked. I too have moved onto other verison...liking the New American Standard for studying but oh my old Bible...yes I press it near my heart...wanting to absorb every little bit of wisdom from it...wanting to absort His very prescence. Great post my friend, for me the best yet...Blessings

Lolita said...

Oh how we treasure our bibles and how we can find the scriptures and the little notes in them.

I too have highlighted lots of lines and written notes on the back cover and the extra blank pages.

My first study bible went to my step daughter when she entered Bible School together with the lines and note in it.... and she wanted to keep it for herself. So I bought my own again, and it has gone with me on a lot of moves and storms that whacked off our roof, one time, and rain came pouring down our heads and everything in that little hut.

I dried it page by page and attached clear tapes on pages that are coming off.... and now it bloats just like the owner...

Anyway this is my companion in all my silent walks with God and in all the troubles and joy I experience.

Nice post to give tribute to the best book and the source of christian life, D. Thanks.

Diane Ronzino said...

Betty, how special that is that your children have asked for your brings me to tears!

And that is a funny story about the sneezing...aww... and thank you for sharing about the condition of your Bible as well.

There is a chapter in Isaiah where I had been praying for some people and the tears dripped all over the pages. I circled them with my pen, knowing they would dry and I would probably never remember about it. So, it is a reminder of those prayers.

Diane Ronzino said...

Lolita, how special that you gave yours to your step-daughter as she went off to Bible school. Wow... I love how you wrote "I dried it page by page and attached clear tapes on pages that are coming off.... and now it bloats just like the owner..." That's how precious God's Word is to you. Awesome!

My bloats like me too! LOL...

joy said...

What a well used bible you have and it will be a blessing to your children after you. My bible too is worn out, but I have one in every room, although I seldom write in it, coz I have a devotion and prayer journal where I write everything God is revealing from his words. And I now I have them in boxes. That is what I am going to leave to my children. Once in a while I reread them and it is like afresh water in a warm sunny day. Thanks for sharing your bible. Really an inspiration:)

Martha Herden said...

A Treasure beyond any words! What a gift you have that will be shared with your children, hopefully Many LONG years from now, as you watch over them in your Heavenly Home, and see their eyes being opened completely as to just how DEEP the Faith of their Mother ran!

You are united with Christ-and serve as a Teacher to all of us.

By the Grace of God, I have My Great-Grandmom's Bible, My Granny's Bible, My Mom's Bible and a huge Family Bible with many family roots written in the pages.

I cherish these Bibles-can close my eyes and see my Mom reading her Bible late at night and also recall my Granny reading her Bible, marking certain verses. I can't count up all the years that cover all these Bibles-but I do know each of these Women-passed their Love of God directly on to me. That is a Gift I shall carry with me forever.

Thank you Diane-another Post from your Heart.

Love, Martha

Diane Ronzino said...

Joy, I used to journal too! Volumes. Believe it or not, in my seven-year wilderness I didn't journal at all. I need to get back to it. Thank you so much for the "nudge". Yes, my journals will be left behind as well.

Diane Ronzino said...

Martha, have that many generations of Bibles! How precious is that! Even if they weren't written in, just to know they held them, read them, cried tears of prayers through them....oh...what a treasure!

Thank you for sharing your spriritual legacy with us!

Judi S. Coleman said...

I've never used a bible like this! I keep my notes on other things, always frustrated with the too-thin paper and limited margins. And when I use sticky notes, I'm afraid they'll year the pages. Thank you for giving me much to ponder!!

You are such a gifted speaker/writer for God! Thank you,


Diane Ronzino said...

I am blessed by your words, Judi. Thank you!