Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blogger Meet-Up

Claire Vorster, from Claire's Tea Party, is on Long Island visiting with family....about 25 minutes from me.

She is the sister-in-law to my pastor.

This is going to be my first blogger meet-up.  I'm so excited.

I'm hoping she and her family will be a church this morning.  I can't wait to hug her, look into her eyes, and listen to her British accent.  She sure doesn't write with an accent!

I pray for the opportunity to meet you all - this side of Heaven - for you all are such an important part of my life.

Any greetings you would like me to pass along to her?

Have a blessed Sunday!

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Betty said...

Amen, amen, amen...a little touch from the heavenly Father to His daughters...

Pam said...

Diane, Give her my love and prayers too, if you do talk to her! I would love to hear about your meeting...:) Yes, God arranges the most wondrous things...

Floyd said...

I've met a few fellow Christian bloggers and it's always a blessing. I almost met Jake when he was passing through Phoenix on a layover, but after I got to the airport I realized I couldn't get past the screening without a boarding pass. So I got within about 100 feet of him. I'm also going to hook up Dan in CA next week when I'm there.

It's amazing how God can open doors and we get to interact with our brothers and sisters, sometimes even meet them...

Good for you! God bless the time together! Let me know if you guys ever get to Phoenix!

Claire Vorster said...

Hey D, great to meet you this morning xx Lunch on me sooon, am emailing you as I type :)


Lolita said...

Oh, yes. All for those God-arranged meetings. I am happy for you, D.

Bless you as you savor in her British accent first-hand.


Martha Herden said...

Just one of MANY to follow!!!!

Yes-I want to be one of those MANY!!


Michy ( said...

What a delight!!! I've always loved the idea of "meeting" in person some of these wonderful Christian bloggers I've connected with...I love the way you sign the end of your posts. Visiting you back after your comment on my post--bless you for all your support.

Diane Ronzino said...

Phew...what a day I had! I'm sorry I didn't get to respond sooner to you all.

Betty, you are right - a touch from my Father.

Pheonix - Wow, Floyd. Must be hot there. Thanks for making us feel welcome. Same goes if you ever get to NY!

Yes, Claire, lunch would be great - I'll be responding shortly!

Yes, I did get to savor the British accent, Lolita, and my beloved South African (her husband)...aahhh....surely, a little touch of Heaven!

Yeah, Martha, YES, YES, YES!!! I'm ready to board the plane!

Michy, Welcome! So glad to have you join us. My daughter organizes blogger meets. She's meet quite a few of her blogger friends. Although she meets people all over. She had an appointment with someone the other day and in the middle of their conversation, he exclaimed, "Are you Alece, from Grit and Glory?!" She has quit the following. It's quite funny. And meet ups are doable! Just needs someone to organize and take the leap of faith.

I'd love to meet you all - truly. I'll let you know how my lunch with Claire, from Claire's Tea Party, goes! Hopefully, she will like me....ugh...