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Thursday Morning Bible Study

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All Scriptures will be from the New King James Version unless otherwise noted.

I will do my best to post these Thursday Bible studies on Wednesday evening for our friends in the Philippines, as they are 12 hours ahead of us.  

Feel free to take your time reading and meditating on the Scriptures and questions. Don't be in a hurry. You can print it out and read it at your leisure. Allow The Holy Spirit to minister Truth to you. If you are comfortable, please share your thoughts and answers to the questions in the comment section. Don't feel pressured to do so if you don't want. Maybe check back during the day or on Friday to see what others are thinking and feel free to discuss it. And please don't hesitate to ask questions! 

So, grab your Bible, notebook, and a cup of coffee/tea and join in the Circle.

Lesson Four

Good Morning!

Let's open in prayer: 

Father, in The All-powerful Name of Jesus, we come seeking things we may not know today. Oh, Father, we are thirsty for Truth. We thank You, LORD, for this opportunity to feast from Your Word, to be filled with Your Truth, and to be changed by that Truth. We love You and worship You. We thank You for this opportunity to grow and become the men and women You so desire us to be. Amen!

Trustworthy Pray-ers

First, let's begin by reading Acts 19:11-12 in our Bibles just to remind us of the kind of man the Apostle Paul was.

The Apostle Paul was imprisoned in a dungeon for preaching The Gospel. This Man of God - who was a conduit for many, many miracles - was in need. He wanted his circumstances to change.

While imprisoned, he writes a letter to Believers to encourage them. Toward the end of his letter, he says in Philemon 1:22:
But, meanwhile, also prepare a guest room for me, for I trust that through your prayers I shall be granted to you.
Through your payers...In essence this is what Paul was saying: I trust that because of your prayers, I will be released and will be able to come visit you; so by faith, prepare that guest room for me - because I'm getting out of here! All because of your effectual, fervent prayers!

He was so confident in the Believer's prayers, that he could boldly say by faith, "Prepare a guest room for me".

Do we have such faith in those in our lives who pray? Are we so confident that the answers will come, that we speak in bold faith?

The great Apostle Paul not only relied on the prayers of other Christians, he trusted that their prayers would be effectual and fervent, availing much! (James 15:13-16.)

Why could Paul not pray and have a miracle manifested on his own behalf?

Think about it. Here was one of the greatest Apostles who ever lived and yet he relied on other's prayers - not just his own.

Why?  That is the question in this study today. Why?  Seek your answer. I think The Holy Spirit's answer will be profound to you!  Let's discuss it in the comments.

I don't know about you, but I want to be a part of a powerful prayer force that moves "mountains" and causes the Hand of God to do the miraculous, as did the Apostle Paul. I want others to be able to trust that through my prayers, their circumstances will change.

Demonic forces knew Jesus, of course. They also knew Paul, but not the religious men.  Read Acts 1:19:11-15.  The demons knew Paul because The Apostle was so dead to himself and so full of The Holy Spirit, so secure in his right standing in God's Kingdom, and so assured of his spiritual authority, that the demons trembled. The demons obeyed. The demons knew him, just like they knew Jesus Christ.

Do demons know you and tremble when they hear your prayers?  Maybe...just maybe, your answer to the Why question will cause you to desire to be the kind of prayer warrior on behalf of others that demons would tremble and scream, "Ut oh, here he/she is again...let's get out of here!"
Father, You Word tells us that we receive not because we ask not. So, today we boldly ask of You to make us into the kind of prayer warriors that even the Apostle Paul would be able to trust in and rely on. Teach us, train us, show us...we want to be shakers and movers...we want to be able to truly trust in each other's prayers.  Please show us the answer to Why Paul had to rely on other's prayers to change his circumstances.  Show us things we know not of, LORD God.  In Jesus' All Powerful Name!  Amen!

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Diane Ronzino said...

No participants this week?

Here are my thoughts on WHY:

We ALL have needs and we ALL need each other. I believe it was to show the Believers that they are just as needed in God's Kingdom as Paul was.

God used Paul’s circumstances to be a teaching tool to the other Believers. Their prayers delivered Paul from that prison. How that must have built faith in them! And I’m sure they realized that God is no respecter of persons through this – their prayers were just as effectual as Paul’s would have been.

Sometimes, we think, “Well, I can’t pray like so and so.” So, we don’t pray – especially out loud. But, that is a lie from the devil!

I believe that everything I go through isn’t necessarily just about me. Because we are not “islands” unto ourselves and we are connected to those in our sphere of influence, God will use our situations to teach and train others. Plus, He gives “the others” the opportunity to pray for us and to see The Hand of God move on our behalf. Thus their faith grows. And they realize they are vital parts of The Kingdom of God.

As Max Lucado says, "Not everything is about me!"

Anyone have any thoughts on my thoughts?

Betty said...

The silence makes me wonder what is going on with our circle of friends. I commented but it did not post...not sure why...wonder if others had a problem too. Wondering if this will post, going to try something different this time.

agree with all you said especiallyt about,"not everything is about me." It's so encourageing to pray for someone and hear later how God worked. I know I feel bad when someone ask me to pray and I get too busy to do so for I know how much I need others prayers. It's always a two way prayer isn't it. blessing my friend...ok will try to post.

It is telling me I will be ask to sign in after submitting my comment...hummmmmmm...ok here goes.

Diane Ronzino said...

THAT'S WEIRD WITH THE COMMENTS...I don't know what that is all about...I'm glad you were finally able to post.

You are right - two way prayers! Isn't it awesome when you can actually "feel" the prayers others are praying for you?! It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's like a blanket of Love around me.

Thanks, for sharing Betty! I appreciate you!