Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summertime 101

It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out that summer doesn't begin on Memorial Day Weekend - for the whole rest of our country. Since I have never lived anywhere but New York, I wasn't aware the we follow a different seasonal zone than the rest of the country.

Our summer season "unofficially/but officially" begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. I never made the connection that it's because we live on an island. I just assumed the rest of the country's summer season was the same.

Lifeguards are only on duty between these two holidays. If you head to the beach today or tomorrow, there won't be any lifeguards. You swim at your own risk. Lifeguards only start working on Memorial Day.

Teens getting summer jobs start Memorial Day and end Labor Day. And schools don't re-open for the new school year until after Labor Day, when the "unofficial/official" summer vacation is over.

Most farm stands don't open until then.

Even our water park, Splish Splash, doesn't open until Memorial Day, no matter how hot and gorgeous the weather may be on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Restaurants hire extra help during the "summer season".

I honestly thought that this is the way it is all over America.  It was a few years after Andrew took up residency in Grandville, Michigan that I found out that the rest of the country doesn't consider Memorial Day the start of summertime.

Huh?!  Boy, did I feel ridiculous!

The highway onto Long Island (especially out East here - because of the Hampton's) are jammed today. If you've never experienced a New York traffic jam, you would be in for an experience! From this weekend on, we must allow additional travel time to and from anywhere because of all the additional traffic the summer season brings.

"City slickers" are what we call the wealthy New York City residents who invade our peace and quiet. Some have second and third mansions out on the East End of the Island. They penetrate our little towns starting Memorial Day weekend. The not-as-rich City Slickers make day trips out to the beaches and farm stands. And they come and go, maybe staying for a weekend or go camping.

The Hampton's is where the rich and famous occupy their empty mansions for a couple of months out of the year. They hobnob and play for the summer, and have their chauffeur's roll out the Rolls Royce's and Bentley's. And as we pass these opulent vehicles on the road, I still gawk. You would think I was a tourist!

The entrance to Wildwood State Park is a couple of blocks from our house. So, the campers come and go, enjoying their family campfires and the beach. But, that brings a whole other set of noise, as the fire whistles are constantly going off - generally in the evening. The Wading River fire trucks whiz by en route to the park because some drunk camper did something stupid.

Ah...the start of summer...

And then...

Soon it will be over...After all, regardless of the weather, summer just comes to an abrupt end on Labor Day, when sandals get put away and shorts are packed up until next Memorial Day. No matter what the calendar says or how warm it is still, Labor Day ushers us into the fall season. There is a clear distinction from Labor Day to the next day because fall has now "unoffically/officially" begun and families have put summertime out of their minds as they prepare to head back to school in a day or two in their warmer fall clothing - whether it is hot out or not.


Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend - whether you are beginning summer or not. And let's all have grateful hearts for the real reason for our American holiday - for all the men and woman who have given their lives to protect our freedom or the freedom of other nations. God bless our soldiers!

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Pam said...

Well, we don't consider it officially summer here, that's right, until June 21. Nevertheless, this weekend is a sort of summer herald because it is the weekend most people pull out their summer porch chairs, buy flowers for the porch and yard etc. So in that way, you aren't far off. Does school end around now in Long Island? School usually has marked summer too wherever I've lived. Most schools seem to get out early in June and then starts summer. But I never went back to school until after Labor day growing up - now it seems kids have to go back in last week of August. I can see why it would be different in a more tourist beautiful site like yours though! Like Cape Cod... Yes, God bless all those who have given for our freedom. Especially those who are grieving fresh loss of loved ones.

Diane Ronzino said...

Hi Pam! Happy Memorial Day! Weekend!

Our schools get out the end of June and go back right after Labor Day.

Yes, especially those grieving the fresh losses...

Hugs to you!

Floyd said...

Living in Arizona, we kind of consider it summer time from the middle of May until the beginning of October.

Have a great weekend and I'm with you, it's all about the ones that sacrificed emulating the heart of our Savior. The memorial is written in our hearts. God bless our troops.

Diane Ronzino said...

Wow, that is a long summer, Floyd. And Amen to you wrods about our troops.

Thanks for sharing! And have a wonderful weekend! God bless you!

Diane Ronzino said...

Wow, that is a long summer, Floyd. And Amen to you wrods about our troops.

Thanks for sharing! And have a wonderful weekend! God bless you!

Martha Herden said...

Oh the glorious days of summer-last year SUMMER arriver here in Texas around March and by May-we had 100' degree weather every single Day!!

Normally it doesn't hit us until June or July-but as we have all been saying, it truly seems as if the seasons got turned upside down and Mother Nature is giving all of us some interesting changes. I have a flower planted called "Fall Astor" its purpose is to bloom such beautiful BLUE flowers in the Fall!

Mine are in FULL bloom now!! GO figure!!!

Thank you for the reminder of our men and women, who paid the ultimate price for our freedom! And for the younger men and women, still serving to protect our country.

They deserve a HUGE Thank You!!!

God bless and I pray the weekend is good for you. Love, Martha

Lolita said...

Yes to the ones who fought for freedom, and I am one of those beneficiaries of "the other nations."

Thanks to our heroes of bravery and valor!

Nice post D..... signifying Summertime.

Betty said...

Your post brought memories of living in Papua New Guinea where there are only two seasons. Wet and Dry...wet meaning it rained every day, dry meaning it rained every other day. I so missed the four season while living overseas. There is something about pouring buckets of sweat at Thanksgiving and Christmas that did not set well with this Ky girl.

American holidays were not always celebrated either since we worked wtih Canadians, Germans, English, and several other cultures in a Papua New Guinea culture. We were very careful to not flaunt our Americanism since it could be a bring too much attention to us which could bring danger. Oh we celebrated but not with as much fanfare as is done here.

Living in these countries made us very thankful for the freedoms that were bought and paid for my american blood and the service of so many protecting us.

As I type this Diane I am aware of your, "Praying for the Nations." How precious that you would put this on your blog for there are so many christians who are in prison, bondage of some kind because they do not enjoy the freedom we do here. Thank you for your awareness of these nations. I love the scriptures in Rev. that states someone from every tongue and nation will worship with us in heaven. Not sure how God views the "nations" but it will be exciting to see each one repersented. Blessings my friend. Happy Memorial Day.

Diane Ronzino said...

Wow, Martha, your summers are long and hot! Phew...I don't think this old(er) body could handle that heat. I used to LOVE the heat and we never had air conditioning, but as my body has changed at this stage of life the AC runs!

And nature is all screwed up here on the northeast coast as well. Signs of the times.

Diane Ronzino said...

Lolita, I hadn't thought about the Phillipines when I wrote this post. Wow...yes...oh, how connected we are!

Thank you for saying, "thank you". Hopefully, one day a soldier will stumble upon this blog and read...

Diane Ronzino said...

Betty, yes I know what you mean about not "flaunting" Americanism. After 9/11 Alece would hang the American flag in SA. I was so concerned about that. I PRAYED! Because Americans aren't well liked as it was, I was concerned...

And thank you for commenting on the praying for the nations. For many years now, I've interceded for the nations - for those who are imprisoned for their faith, in particular. I read the book, Tortured for Christ, (which is listed under the picture of you and Ace on the right) and I've subscribed to the Voice of the Martyrs ever since. And yes, one day, we will all worship together - free and whole! Hallelujah!

Judi S. Coleman said...

Wow...I wish I could get organized so I could read my favorite bloggers (some of which have commented here) on a timely basis...I sure wished I had read this one would have enlarged my weekend. However, it still enlarges my thinking and my spirit..thank you to all. Freedom, summer...appreciation...thank you one and all.

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, Judi, we have all missed you! Yes, Freedom! Summer! and Appreciation! WAHOO!

Thank You, Jesus, for Judi! Keep her strong, LORD, please!

Veronica Shticks said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, Diane :)

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh good, Veronica! Did you get a better feel for Long Island? You are welcome to come and visit!

Saleslady371 said...

It was interesting to read about summertime where you live!