Monday, April 9, 2012

Urgent Prayer Needed

Our beautiful Long Island is on fire. Over 2000 acres so far. Towns around us are being evacuated.

Update 4/10:

As of this morning, the news is reporting that although the fires are still raging, they are contained at this point.  Hallelujah!  News reports they are hoping for rain, but it doesn't look like any in sight. Please pray for rain.

The Long Island Railroad that transports Long Islander's into New York City is shut down.  So, all those people have to drive into Manhattan today!  You have no idea what that means traffic wise...truly, no idea what that means...

Update: 9 AM:

Came out of the shower to hear the fire whistles in our town going off.  It must have spread to Wading River.

Update: 10 AM:

News reported that at 7:30 this morning, the firefighters were very concerned about how the fire would go today. By 10 AM they announced that they are really surprised because suddenly the fire stayed low to the ground where they could attack it more aggressively.  The said that if it stays low to the ground as it is now they are optimistic that it will be pretty much done by end of today.

And I didn't hear them mention our town at all. So, I have no idea why the fire whistles went off, as all firefighters are already at the fire.

Thank You, Jesus!  Thank you all who prayed!  The effective, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much!  WAHOO!

Update: 4/11:

The fires are out!  And the news report is that it is going to rain today!  Yeah!!!!

Thank you so much for all your prayers!


Betty said...

Praying Diane...hope it is not close to you...going to get on the news and read about it. Praying...

Saleslady371 said...

Praying for Long Island. Be safe.

Lolita said...

Oh, Diane.

I am on my knees. I think I missed the news. Please stay calm..... Hope it is contained now.

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you, dear friends.

It's the next towns to us. We'e made ourselves availale to any needing to be evacuated. There is much forest area, where the fire seems to be right now. Lots of horse farms. And farm lands.

I think 4 homes and 1 business has been lost. 4 fireman injured. One fire truck burnt to a crisp but earlier it was over 2,000 acres lost already.

Long Island only has voluneer fireman. Fireman from all counties are here and from surrounding states.

It's becasue we had such a dry, warm winter. PLEASE PRAY FOR RAIN!

Thank you!

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you, Lolita! News reports say it's still not contained.

Christina Berry said...

Praying, Diane!

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you, Chrissy!

Veronica Shticks said...

Wahoo to the latest update!!!

Pam said...

I just got home, so didn't see this earlier. But I plead a bloodline of Jesus blood all around you and your homes, your city etc... IJN

Lolita said...

All praises to God, at whose command, the floodgates of heaven open and pour down the dry lands.

Thank you, dear God, for hearing our prayers. Thank you that you commanded the fire down the ground, and they obeyed.

Diane, I don't have to rain-dance (joking-it is an ethnic tribal belief in the mountain province of our country), to pray for rain. I am just being funny, I am happy that it did not damage other areas including your village.

Oh, God of Power and Might, how could we thank you for your faithfulness to us....Thank you, it is all the we can Jesus Name, Amen.

Diane Ronzino said...

Thanks, Veronica and Pam!

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you for your praises and thanksgiving to our God! I say Amen to all you wrote. And I'm glad you didn't do a rain dance!

Judi S. Coleman said...

Wow...I have missed a LOT. Praise God all was okay!