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Thursday Morning Bible Study

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All Scriptures will be from the New King James Version unless otherwise noted.

Feel free to take your time reading and meditating on the Scriptures and questions. Don't be in a hurry. You can print it out and have it to do at your leisure. Allow The Holy Spirit to minister Truth to you. If you are comfortable, share your thoughts and answers to the questions in the comment section. Don't feel pressured to do so if you don't want. Maybe check back during the day or on Friday to see what others are thinking and feel free to discuss it. And please don't hesitate to ask questions! 

So, grab your Bible, notebook, and a cup of coffee/tea and join in the Circle.

Okay, here we go with Lesson Two:

Good Morning!

Let's open in prayer: 

Father, God, we thank you for another opportunity to come to Your Table to feast on Your Word. Speak to us. Show us things we do not know. Reveal Your Truth to us, in Jesus' Holy Name.  Amen.

Not Lost, But Yet Found

As mothers/fathers/grandparents, we can gasp when we hear stories of missing children. Sheer terror and panic can grab us when we lose sight of our children or grandchildren out in public. I had it happen to me when my firstborn was young. I lost sight of him in the clothing department of Sears.  Frantically calling his name, he didn’t come out of his hiding place. Finally, I found him sitting under a circular wrack of clothing. Just sitting there. Smiling at me.

But, can you imagine losing THE Son of God?  

Turn to Luke 2:39-52 in your Bibles and read through this passage of Scripture.

Now, close your eyes and picture Joseph and Mary in a panic for three days while searching for their Boy.  Running from market to market, home to home. Calling His Name, asking anyone and everyone they passed by if they had seen Jesus.

Three days of nightmarish terror, as they head back to Jerusalem, where they just came from. It’s approximately 65 miles from Jerusalem back to their hometown of Nazareth. Remember there were no cars, trains or buses, just feet.  Try to imagine their physical and emotional exhaustion.

Try to imagine what their prayers must have been like during those three days. Do you think they prayed religious prayers? Do you think they took time to formulate the perfectly-worded prayer?  I’m sure not. I’m sure they cried out to God Almighty with everything in them.

Rants, apologies, vows. 

Unless we have experienced such torment we truly cannot imagine what the anguish of their souls must have been like.  

Can you picture Joseph and Mary going back and forth with each other, “I thought you were watching him!” “I thought you were!”?

Finally, they get back to Jerusalem and head into the Temple. You wonder were they going there to pray – to beseech God to find their/His Son or did they go to the Temple because someone on the street told them they thought Jesus was in there?

They run into the Temple and spot Jesus sitting in the Temple among the teachers and scholars.

HUH?  Glitch.   

He’s just sitting there. Conversing.

He was well and seemed happy. Unharmed, uninjured.  I can imagine the parent’s initial confusion.

Can you imagine Mary’s heart, as she blurts out, "Son, why have You done this to us?” (vs. 48)

Jesus didn’t answer her.  He replied with a question to His mother, “Did you not know I’d be about My Father’s business?” (vs. 49)

He wasn’t being disrespectful to Mary. He was under the anointing that would become Jesus’ distinctive signature during His three ministry years. Disciples would ask questions, Pharisee’s would ask questions, but He would reply with a question back to them. Even at this young age, Jesus' teaching style was evident.

Jesus was not lost. He purposefully “lingered behind in Jerusalem” (vs. 43).

JESUS WAS NOT LOST.  He knew His potential, His destiny. He knew Who He was. He knew that He was more than capable of sitting with the Jewish teachers and scholars teaching them.


And YET.

Yet, in verse 51, Jesus, The Christ, submitted himself to his parent’s authority and went home with them.  He “was subject to them”.  
That word “subject” means to be under the authority of.
He was God incarnate.  Physically young but still God, yet He submitted Himself to earthly authority.  He honored and respected His human parents and thus He “increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men”. (verse 52)

These were three days of emotional torture for Joseph and Mary. Years later, Mary would once again go through emotional torture for three days after Jesus was crucified. This time without her Joseph to brace her. But, I'm sure all that she kept in her heart (vs. 51) from this three-day trial came back to her during her next three-day trial. It was His Words that came back to her that strengthened her to believe she would see Him again. She did not forget God's benefits (Psalm 103), therefore she was filled with hope. He was once again about His Father's business: He was not lost/dead, but alive!

There can be much to glean from this portion of Scripture. There are no specific questions to answer - just like “His mother kept all these things in her heart” (vs. 51), let the Scriptures speak to you heart. Meditate on this teaching. What is God showing you?
Thank you, Dear Circle, for coming to our Father's Table this morning. May His Word be a feast unto your hungry soul.  I look forward to your sharing. And I look forward to meeting the same time next week at our

God bless you and have a wonderful week!

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Lolita said...

Good Morning, D.

I am gonna take the lesson home again and come back later for my reflections.

Thank you once again for devoting time to make our lessons.

Martha Herden said...

It is not my intent to be so brief, but this is coming from my heart:
Jesus KNEW the path that lay ahead of him and that he would not be with his parents forever.

As parents, we pray about the path ahead for our children, try to guide them, but we too do not know WHAT lays ahead for them.

Any Child is a Heavenly Gift-just as Jesus was.

We do not Own our children-yes We worry just as the parents of Jesus Did-but HE was trying to let his parents KNOW-"This is where I am supposed to be!"

When Jesus hung on that terrible Cross, I wonder if Mary had already felt-one day She would be standing there, and it would be the place she was meant to be at-and facing the heartbreak a Mother should never feel.

Powerful lesson Diane. I hope none of my words came across sounding bad. They just seemed to roll out of my heart.

Diane Ronzino said...

Martha, you are a wise-hearted woman, indeed!

You wondered about Mary if she felt one day she would be standing in this place.

Luke 2:35. After Jesus was born, Simeon prophesied and in verse 35 blessed them, saying that a sword will pierce through her own soul.

I'm sure she didn't have a clue what that meant at the time, but I can imagine when she lost Jesus in Jerusalem that those words came back to her, causing her to wonder if this is what was meant by that.

So, I do believe she knew that something awful would happen to cause such to be so. Can you imagine knowing that and having to live with that?

Saleslady371 said...

Even though He knew His life's work, Jesus modeled obedience to his parents and waiting on God for the right timing to be raised up to minister publicly. This is a wonderful picture of maturity for us.

Mary's example is a powerful one. She was "chosen." She knew the scriptures well, she had a mom's heart, yet was obedient to God to surrender her son. A woman of grace and strength!

As I meditate on both of them, I'm encouraged today by their surrender to God and the confidence that follows when we do, even though it may lead to something difficult like the cross.

Martha Herden said...

It just hit me-"Of Course Mary was Chosen"-after All, when the Angel appeared before her, Mary never expressed a second of doubt, instead she took her role on through FAITH-and became the Mother of Jesus. When Jesus Carried His Cross, how great the "weight" had to be-its so hard for us humans to grasp.

Perhaps when we are confronted with our own Crosses-we struggle so hard to understand-asking "WHY LORD-WHY?" Why this CROSS? Why must our hearts be so Broken with this CROSS?

Then we fall, and look upward to HIM-now PRAYING with broken hearts as we beg for HELP, and slowly the Weight of our Cross doesn't feel so ungodly heavy-because with each step We take, HE is there-helping us toward the next step. Our Faith keeps reaching out to Jesus & We can keep LIVING, MOVING, LOVING- giving THANKS to HIM for the HUGE PRICE HE PAID-in the name of LOVE.

A pain-filled lesson to reflect upon today. Martha

Betty said...

Just today I was thinking about Jesus at 12 knew exactly what His role was yet He waited till He was 30 to begin His ministry. Then tonight as I read through the lesson He was reminding me again of the power of waiting. So often I waste those "waiting times" with frustration instead of pondering the things of God and looking to Him for strength to endure the wait. He was God, fully God and yet fully man and there is nothing we feel that he has not felt before. He waited.

So here is my profound thought. He must have known at 12the cruelity of the cross was before Him, the seperation from the Father would be there as He took the sins of the world on Him, my sin, your sin. He endured the "wait" so that the scriptures could be fulfilled and we could see Him in every sentence, every verse, every book from Gen to Rev.

Oh precious Jesus, How great the Fathers love for us...

Like Martha my thoughts may not be alined totally with the lesson but the lesson brought forth these thoughts. Bless you sweet wise Diane to give out and allow the Spirit to teach each of us right where we are. Bless you teacher of the Word...bless you.

Lolita said...

Yes, our BS teacher, we thank you for the lead-so beautiful and giving us our time to reflect the scripture on our own.

My, this reminded me of a scary time when my youngest son was yet 4. He was attending nursery school which is nearer our office than where we lived. When my husband went to pick him up one afternoon, he was nowhere to be found. The school had the ID system to let children out of the campus. So it was so scary that the guard did not know who picked my son up. It was getting dark before we went home, mind you, without him. We needed time to think what we should do next. The school was alerted, the nursery teacher was worried. We were about to go to the nearest police station to report the missing son, when Nico showed up with the nanny of his classmate. It was after dinner time. I was crying and so worried...... We had to scold the Nanny because she did not have the right to bring Nico home with her charge. All Nico wanted was to see the toys of his classmate and the nanny consented..... It was such a relief but we have gone through the scare.

The lesson we have with Jesus' left behind taught me that it was the right time for Him to be about His Father's business. Maybe, there were questions that only the Temple teachers could supply Him with.....Second that He was so serious about His purpose and was diligently studying for the ministry ahead of Him as well as the ultimate cross to bear. Jesus epitomized total obedience.

On the side of Mary and Joseph, I could just imagine what an ordeal that must have been, for them to understand that their son was both MAN and God. Verse 50 says that they did not understand what Jesus meant. It is clear that at this point of emotion, Mary was focusing on the human side of Jesus.... Verse 51b that she treasured all these in heart. That moment, after cooling down, she understood the God-side of her son..... and there's greater heartache to come.

I think this is the only account in the bible other than Jesus' birth, about His childhood. This should be important for it to be recorded.

Diane, permit me once again, to post a further insight about this in a post.

Thank you, that with your leadings, I could find my voice, through the hanging points to ponder, in your style of giving us lessons.

My love to you, and I shall await joyfully what would Lesson 3 be.

Diane Ronzino said...

All of your insights are deep and life-altering if we will grasp hold of them. For Deep calls unto deep and Deep draws deep out of us. Hallelujah!

I thank you for sharing your insights. I love how The Holy Spirit shows each and every one of us something different. Isn't that awesome?!

Lolita, thank you for sharing about Nico. I can imagine how awful that must have been for you. Thank God, the Nanny brought him home!

One school day, when Michael was gradeschool age, Alece got off the bus, but Michael didn't. Alece said he was on the bus, but the driver wouldn't let him off. Well, I hopped in my car and started chasing down the bus. Honking my horn, etc. She just kept on driving. She would not stop. This was before cellphone days. So, I drove to the school like a lunatic. Long story short: the bus driver thought Michael had done something (turns out it was a different child), so to "punish" him, she was making him ride the rest of the route with her. The school did nothing about it.

Thank You, Jesus that You understand our mother's hearts; that You understood Your mother's heart. Thank You for waiting, knowing what Your future held. Thank You for Your obedience to your earthly family as well as Your Father. Thank You for enduring The Cross for our pain and sorrow; that You were broken so our brokenness could be healed. Thank You, Lord Jesus! Thank You!

Martha Herden said...

Reading through each comment is a spiritual journey in itself! Each person is touched differently-memories come up that might have been buried for a long time-and for me, thinking about MARY-it took my heart to so many places.

I remember being a little girl in the 1st grade, and there was a wonderful little boy that people truly loved! He just glowed and I can recall people talking about "how far" he would go in life.

His family lived just across from a
busy highway and each morning, his Mom walked him across, making sure to get him there safely.

But one tragic morning came, as the Mom is standing at her door, waiting to see her son get on the bus, and suddenly the little boy started yelling "Mom, You forgot my Lunch Box, I will be right there."

The Mom looks and see a huge Truck flying down the road and all she could do was SCREAM-the truck could not stop in time and that beautiful child was killed instantly. To this day I remember the service, people so filled with grief-they had to be carried out of the church.

The last name of this little boy was

There are many Mothers who will suffer such Grief-and nothing can be done, the scar is there and one day comes, when the Mother finds the strength to REACH for the Hand of Jesus-knowing HE is now helping her down the path to healing.

I apologize if this was too long but the MEMORY came flying back and I can still see this little boy in my mind.... There is another special ANGEL in Heaven.

Please God, be with all the Mothers who suffer heartbreaking moments-comfort them with your LOVE.

Martha Herden

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, my gosh, Martha...thank you for sharing that memory. You have honored his short life today.

And we all honor him in our hearts. I will say a special pray for that mother, wherever she is today.

I am in awe of all the different aspects and insights you all have. This student is learning from you all.


Lolita said...

Oh my, Martha.

What grief that Mom could have suffered. It squeezes my heart.

Perhaps, that was was Mary was going through as she summoned every strength she had, looking at her son up that cross. She didn't have the voice to complain nor anger over the cause of His sufferings, us the sinners. She hid all these things in her heart.

How much of God's wisdom and strength could we anchor on, to go through the pains in life..... that no one in the Bible characters have not suffered? For every name of grief an pain is written there....... we haven't yet suffered what Jesus had to, and Mary endured. Yet, we are anxious, we have to be..... We call upon Him who knows what situations we are in.

Crown of Beauty said...

When my second son was three years old, (he is now a twenty nine year old man, a father of a delightful one year old little boy, I lost him in a department store. One moment he was by my side, the next moment he was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere, but couldn't find him. I went down the escalator, and down to the store front lobby, and then out to the sidewalk, thinking he might have wandered and lost his way. My heart was racing and all kinds of thoughts were running through my mind. Frantic is not even accurate to describe how I felt at that time. Fear gripped my entire being... I was desperate to find him. "What if I never find him?"

It seemed like forever, but I know it was only a few minutes. I went back to the ladies section where we were when I lost him.

There he was right, crying for his Mama, his pants drenched with urine because of fear. I was in fear, he was in fear. I should never have left. He had gone inside the racks of women's clothes and was playing hide and seek with me! He thought I would look for him... and indeed I was looking for him frantically, but I was looking in the wrong places.

It is a memory triggered by your story. But how beautiful this little study is! How personal, and now your invitation for us to meditate on the story causes my heart to look at the characters in the story. How Mary and Joseph must have felt when they realized Jesus was not with them. I am sure they must have been full of fear, and frantic. I know that feeling... of not being in control.

Compare that with how Jesus felt. He was not lost at all. He was secure and confident in what He had been called to do. Even at 12. He knew His divine purpose, and He knew His assignment.

Yet He went back with his parents because He also knew the timing to leave them was not yet. So He also knew the times and the seasons that He was to operate in.

I so admire Jesus. And I truly want to be like Him. This story is such a reminder to me of my heart's desire - to be about my Father's business. That is my main priority, that is my calling and purpose. I must not be sidetracked.

Thank you for taking time to do this study, Diane.

Diane Ronzino said...

Lidia, thank you for sharing your story with us. I praise God he was just playing a game with you! As I first started to read, I thought, "Oh, no, Dear LORD!" But, it turned out well!

I agree with you. I truly desire to be about my Father's business as well. I too, must not be sidetracked!