Monday, April 30, 2012

This puts it in perspective, doesn't it?
Be a blessing today!

Because of Him and Unto Him, 


Martha Herden said...

Short, sweet and TO THE POINT!!!

Here is an example of just ONE person speaking- I was shopping today in Austin,tx-and a woman tells me "I was just noticing your glasses!" Hmmm-well thats a nice thing to say and I reply back "Oh thank you, I haven't had them that long but really do enjoy them!"

Thinking that was probably the end of our conversation-but I was wrong as she ends it with "Did you know those glasses of yours look to be as Thick as the bottom of a Soda Bottle?"

All I could say was "REALLY?"

Guess what- i am still wearing my Soda Bottle Glasses because without them, I probably would not have been able to see this lady, up close and personal!!!

As you said Diane "Just one Person to ruin our day?"

Perfection! If anybody needs to know where to find "Super Thick Soda Bottle Eye Glasses, I will be happy to guide you to the store!"

Love, Martha

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, Martha! I'm so sorry for her...ignorance and insensitivity! i,yi,yi! Where was she raised?

Isn't it amazing how we can so thoughtless with our words. Hopefully, that was something she regretted as soon as it came out of her mouth. But, you dear Martha, were an extender of grace. Because you ONLY said, "Really?" Someone else would have said a lot more, not-so-kind words back to her.

I'm so proud of you. Look at it as God gave you the opportunity to show Jesus to this woman today - without words. I'm so VERY proud of you!

Diane Ronzino said...

P. S. Martha, You were a blessing today! WAHOO!

Lolita said...

And it is good that I was not with Martha during that exchange. I would have told her. "Lady, you have to thank God you still have 20 x 20 vision. Wait when you cross the 40 year bridge! You would be wearing a pair of soda bottle bottom glasses too."

Anyway, it was only sweet Martha, not beaten by harsh remarks, instead she choose not to let that one make her day. IT is only by grace, grace only God gives. So gracious!

You have both taught me good by this. Thanks my dears! Love you both.

Diane Ronzino said...

We love you, Lolita!

Martha Herden said...

Diane-Bless your Heart! You know her words stunned me-so fast that I couldn't find anything but REALLY?

Yet as I walked away and took a glance back, my heart was heavy and thinking there must be a ton of Pain in that woman-to have struck out like she did toward me.

Now LOLITA--OMG-you are a HOOT!!!! I love the "wait till you pass over the 40 Bridge" and yes, that 20/20 vision suddenly changes so fast that she might find herself at a place to eat, trying to read the MENU and the only way she can is to put it on the FLOOR and lean back so she can find the words on it!

I love you both so MUCH.. You lift me up, and help me keep trudging through the battle.

God has blessed me more than I can even begin to say!!

love, martha

Betty said...

Love this post.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Yes, this really does put things in perspective. Love this!

Betty said...

It is so true we never know how much pain a person carries behind their words or their actions. Encouraging to read your heart was heavy Martha and not filled with anger at her. I just talked to my daughter in Papua New Guinea about this very thing. Our son, recently divorced and seeing someone put pictures of them on fb. He is living so selfishly right now, no thought to anyone but himself. Wish I could spank his rear end...but must leave it to the Lord to do the spanking. Your post Diane is affirming what we have been telling our daughter, do not let what Jared does or not do run your life, your thought life, he is not to be the center of your life. She is on purpose not getting on his fb which we think is wise. Again thanks Diane for your wise hearted reaching out to our hearts.

I agree with Martha, Lolita you are a hoot. So glad you are on my side, glad both of you are. Blessings.

Diane Ronzino said...

Betty, thank you for sharing about your family. I will be praying for your son - for your family. Divorce is so horrific. It shatters lives and hurts all who know them. I'm so sorry you are going through this, but thank you for trusting us all enough to share it here.

We love you, Betty, and we are praying! This is wrapped in a giant hug from our Circle!