Sunday, April 1, 2012

Religion Tells Us

Artist Unknown

The agony of Gethsemane and the torture of the whipping now behind him, Jesus, The Christ, carried His own death instrument.

He carried it on His way to Calvary knowing all along, that more torture awaited him - as He would be nailed and then hung on this Cross until he died an agonizing, torturous death.  More torture to face, yet He carried it.

Religion has told us that we must carry or "bear" our own crosses. Nowhere in Scripture does God tell us to do that. Religion has taught us that the "cross" we are meant to carry are our burdens, our sorrows, our losses in life.  We've all heard it, "Well, this is my cross I have to bear in life."  Maybe religion gets that from this Scripture:
Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. ~ Luke 9:23
Whenever I hear someone say, "Well, this is my cross I have to bear in life", I picture Eeyore, all bowed over from the weight of burdens. It saddens me because they do not have revelation of ALL that Jesus Christ did for them. 

They don't have understanding that He carried THE CROSS. The Cross had every sin, every pain, and all burdens of every man, woman, and child who would ever live nailed to it.

Please read Isaiah 53, which is the prophetic picture of Jesus going to The Cross.  Isaiah 53:4 says, "Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows". Jesus did.

He carried each and every human grief and sorrow known to man to His Cross. He bore them upon His own Body while He hung there dying for you and me.  He carried them, so we do NOT have to.

The "take up his cross daily" in Luke 9:23 is not talking about us bearing our lot in life. It's referring to choice. 

Jesus is saying that if we desire to be His Followers, His Believers, His Disciples, then we must die to self ("deny self").  "Taking up the cross daily", just means that daily we will be faced the choice of me, myself, and I or Jesus and His Way of doing things. A cross was an instrument of death. Today it is still the symbol of death - denying self in order to follow Jesus. 

If we continue to "bear" our own sorrows, griefs, and heartaches, then we are nullifying Jesus Christ's redemptive powers by being crucified. He paid the ultimate price and took them upon Himself for us.

"It is finished", Jesus cried out from the Cross.  It is finished. I don't have to spend the rest of my life with burdens on my back.  

But, it is a choice. And God allows us to choose. I can continue to carry them or leave on His Cross once and for all so I can truly be burden-free. 

May God open the eyes of our understanding during the days leading up to the celebration of Jesus' Resurrection.  May we all have revelation of all that His death and resurrection means for us.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Pam said...

Yes, Diane! The Lord has been showing me so much lately about how his death was to open the way for us and restore us back to what God intended for us before Adam fell... and that we are to be reigning in a lot more of his power than we understand, in His authority and Spirit. Good message!

Martha Herden said...

The image of that CROSS-none of us ever being able to understand just how HEAVY the load was, yet Jesus did it all!

I heard a message yesterday at our church that really helped to open my heart during this week leading up to Easter- Our Priest put it in a way that all could understand-"Holy Week is a journey-a time where we should stop and be SILENT-it will help our hearts to open and hear Jesus speaking to us. Each day of this week leading to Easter needs our focus and our hearts. We must never forget the PRICE Jesus paid-never."

The church was filled and so very silent-everyone was stopping their minds and hearts from being involved on so many things that could be put aside for just a few days-and it made me think of how much we grow in Love with Jesus when we are truly open and accepting of this amazing LOVE.

Thank you Diane for this post. It is so filled with your amazing love for our Lord. A beautiful Easter blessing for anyone to read and gain from.

Blessings my dear friend in Christ.


Lolita said...


It is so amazing that our Paster talked about Isaiah 53 yesterday, which is the text of your post.

Here in the Philippines, come Good Friday, a lot of penitent men, will once again go through, what they think is right and cleansing, submit to nailing on the cross. They will parade on the streets whipping their own backs to bleed, carry their crosses and be nailed on them.

Our paster powerfully sermoned of how this is a mockery of what Jesus did on the cross..... which was the perfection of God's plan for our salvation. There shouldn't be any need for self-sacrifice.

In fact, I was once a target of ire, when I shared the gospel to a person and telling Him I am sure I'd go to heaven when I die. He did not let me finish, he stood up and called me conceited, because he did not like to believe it is that easy to go to heaven. They are so used to the good works thing to attain salvation.

We need to pray more powerfully, for the lost.

Lolita said...

Typo-should read Pastor.

Veronica Shticks said...

Beautiful, Diane! What part of "It is finished!" don't we get?

Diane Ronzino said...

We can be thick, huh, Veronica?!

Lolita, I've seen documentaries about Good Friday customs. It saddens me that people think this is necessary. And I agree with your pastor. And I know that when we speak Truth to people, it can cause anger. Look at Judas, when Jesus spoke the Truth to him about Mary washing Him with the expensive oil.

Isn't it amazing that just one little Word, Martha, can cause us to reflect? That's what my journaling devotional is all about. Just one short word can cause intense reflection and change.

Pam, I think that's what our trials and tribulations are all about. They cause us to realize so much about what Jesus did for us.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments!