Friday, April 13, 2012

Love Is...

Do you ever doodle? I do.

All the time.

I found a new app for my iPad. It's called Paper.

In trying out my new app, I doodled. Of course.

And then i thought of Veronica. Yes, THE Veronica from
Shtick by Veronica Anderson
Doodle by Diane (hehe)

In the past, we had a few lines of communication about my doodling, so I emailed her my first doodle from my new iPad app. It was a flower.

She emailed me back with her doodle.

Isn't she so talented?

"Love is" taking the time to smell my doodle flowers!!!

Thank you, V, for sharing your gift and taking the time to smell my doodle!

I picture The LORD doing the same thing. Every little thing in our lives He cares about. He, too, would have stopped EVERYTHING to smell my doodle flower.

I'm feeling loved!

Because of Him and Unto Him,

(My other doodle)


Lolita said...

Diane, you are artistic and you doodle from the heart.

I don't do much doodling like water color or pencils.... but I have told you, my part of doodling is through digital scrapbooking. IT is nothing though, if you don't have the portable elements to put in your pictures..... like frames, flowers, stickers, you do in the traditional one..... The difference is that you do it through the computers. You can download elements from free sites or some buy them from designers.

I love what V did with your doodle flowers.... I would love to stop too, and take time to smell your doodle flowers. I can see that you cry when you're happy or sad. So deep, indeed.

Thanks V.

Diane said...

Thanks, Lolita for wanting to stop by too to smiff...

And I love the whole digital scrapbooking thing you do. Now, THAT is creative!

May my hugs stretch across this planet to you!

Enjoy your weekend.

Pam said...

Love this post! I've always loved to draw, so doodling comes naturally... I laugh when i think of my old "peechee" folders in school...totally covered in doodles. Ha.

Hey, just wanted to ask you guys here to pray for the Midwest this weekend. I just read on yahoo news that they are predicting life threatening storms all across the Midwest and warning of tornadoes before anything even happens. IJN I draw a bloodline of his protection over us all, asking Him to send His mighty warrior angels to "put a tarp" of protection over us, to dissipate all storms and declare His protection over us rather than the dire predictions the world is declaring. Thank you praying friends! I put this here rather than my own blog, because of the COF...

Diane Ronzino said...

Pam, I 'm so glad you did. I'll be praying as I know the others will too. Isn't it awesome that we can intercede for each other?

Please explain "peechee" folders. I don't know what that is. New Yorkers probably call them something else.

Martha Herden said...

Lolita, Diane, Pam-
We here in Texas have been hearing for days that SEVERE weather could easily happen in the area Pam mentioned.

Not to make this a joke at all-but strange is it may sound, my Nerve Pain (Chronic Sciatica) has started acting up today and a good friend of mine who suffers the same way, tells me with this type of Pain, our injured bodies are feeling the Barometric Pressure Rising and the Pain just keeps rising too.

I will pray for God to put His loving hands across this area and protect the people, their homes, loved ones, and let this pass them by!!!

Lolita, I love you for the post. Nothing you do is EVER bad---keep scrapbooking and know God is leading you!!!

all my love and prayers. Martha

Betty said...

Makes me happy to just look at Veronica drawing of you Diane...I think she has captured your heart.

Have lots of family in midwest...know they will appreciate the prayers.
Crazy weather we are having out in California too, cold thunder storm with lightening rain.

Veronica Shticks said...

Dear doodling Diane, what a sweet surprise! You're the gift that keeps on giving! I will post this one too in the Shticks! I SO want to see more of your doodles! Hehe. love forever!

Pam said...

Martha, that doesn't sound strange at all. I broke my right wrist as a child, and I often feel pain when the weather is storming... I pray his healing word over his stripes we are healed.

Ha. Peechee folders are a sort of mustardy yellow colored paper folder with some sort of drawing printed on them in black ink. We used them in school to hold our papers. They were made by a company called peechee. You might just have had other paper folders you used. Today's kids have a rainbow of folder choices...

thanks everyone for praying for the midwest. Not sure if it is to come where I am, but a whole lot of states from Texas on up. We are expecting rain here and possible thunderstorms but I haven't heard about serious weather. Still, praying covering here in Mi too!

Pam said...

Peechee folders were in CA... not sure now if they were elsewhere...

Lolita said...

We will hold Midwest in our prayers.... as in all other places. Our summer now is so intense. It is so difficult to sleep at night without air conditioners. We use electric fans. The walls of our houses are like mild ovens in the evenings.

Oh God, everyone in your mighty hold.... that would never let go. Help us through all kinds of forces unsettling us. We rest in your keeps, Oh God. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

Martha Herden said...

I hope the bad weather did not come your way. There were many news reports today of how severe the weather was and so many tornado sightings!

Mother Nature can be both beautiful and Frightening-but I am in awe of the people who go through these tragic times and always say how thankful they are for their family still being together-I see that as a strong Faith in God.

It was interesting to hear about your own personal weather predictor, your wrist!! I am still amazed at all fast the Pain starts to rage and then it dawns on me-Weather is coming soon!

Thanks for your helpful comments. I will keep you in my prayers and hope you stay safe from the bad weather.

God bless. martha

Pam said...

Thanks, martha... no, it didn't come here although we did have high winds one day. It's supposed to rain tonight or tomorrow but I haven't heard any more about severe weather. Thanks for your prayers!!

I didn't grow up around tornadoes, so they make me pray hard. Shades of Oz...
And thanks to everyone else for praying! Pray you can get some cool breezes soon, Lolita...