Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't Touch the Catapult Button!

Suddenly out of nowhere, my life is on a new trajectory. I feel like I've been catapulted into space. It's exciting, yet at the same time challenging as I'm out of my nice, little, square box that I've been in for seven years.

As you know I have a background in nutrition. I've studied since The Lord healed me through the avenue of nutrition 30 years ago.

About ten years ago I wrote a 26-week curriculum for churches called Health for Life, incorporating about 45 minutes of the Word of God on the subject of food, eating, and health with 45 minutes of practical nutrition.

Since writing Health for Life, I've wanted to further my education to become a certified Health Minister, which incorporates what I already teach in Health for Life. 

Life got in the way and I took a seven-year trek through the wilderness. Teaching my courses was put on "hold". During this time my eating habits took a turn for the worse. Food of the wrong kind became my comfort. Inactivity and hormone changes caused weight gain. And my body, which has been sustained with the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) through this time, has been screaming for change.  Change it will have.

Exiting the wilderness and coming into a clearing, has already been life altering for me:
  • I'm serving in my new-found church
  • Interacting and building relationships with people again
  • My blog writing
  • Writing the journaling devotional

And then on Thursday morning, God catapulted me out of my safety zone completely. It happened suddenly, without warning, which was a good thing otherwise, I may have said to The Lord, "Please don't touch that catapult button!"

Early on Thursday I had complained to The LORD about pain in my body, telling Him I'm willing to do anything for relief.  I repented AGAIN for my disobedience in regard to my everyday diet. A little later, I opened my email and the nutrition school for Health Minister that I've wanted to attend for years, was now - for the first time - offering the course online. Without a second's hesitation, I enrolled. God's Hand of grace and mercy were extended to me.

I didn't sign up just for educational purposes, but for my own physical health as well. I'm sick and tired of being in pain. And I know that God created these miraculous bodies to heal. So, I'm not only going to just study, but be a doer of what I am learning.

School started yesterday and runs for 6 weeks with a minimum of two-three hours per day required (for the average student). Phew! That's a lot of work and studying for someone not used to school. And I'm definitely not am not an average student!

At church on Sunday I spoke with a woman who is a week away from getting her Masters degree now that her children are grown. I so respect anyone who can go back to school at an older age. Never thinking it would be me...

Yet, here I am...back in school...not getting a master's degree as the world knows it, but to me, it is like a master's in health and Biblical studies of foods and health. It has been my heart's desire for many years and I'm so grateful to Jesus for this opportunity! And I pray that He will use me once again for His Glory; and that I may have the privilege of teaching my courses again and helping others be restored to health.
Those who unlock your compassion are those to whom you've been assigned. ~ Mike Murdock 
Those who are in pain and in ill-health unlock my compassion. I can't imagine what path God will lead me down once this is education is complete and my health is restored.

I hope you will keep me in prayer. My main concern is since having the mini-stroke three years ago, my short-term memory has been affected.  This is one of items on my health list that needs to change. So, hopefully, I can retain the daily information in order to pass my quizzes and tests.

Thank you to all of you in my Circle!  I appreciate you so much!

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Betty said...

Inpressed Diane...Ace and I both too are ready for a diet change, both of us are over weight and that alone makes one hurt. You made this diet change once and what you say made it hard to stay on it? We travel a lot so would this diet be east to maintain while traveling and eating out. I guess I need to get on your site about this diet. Again very impressed. Blessings

Veronica Shticks said...

Don't touch the catapult button! What a powerful title and text, Diane! Not to mention your spirit! You just won't be kept down! I love that about you! I'll think of you every time I need an encouraging kick in the bahonkas!

Crown of Beauty said...

I just love that quote from Mike Murdock - Those who unlock your compassion are those to whom you have been assigned.

ANd God uses the life lessons we have been through to be passed on to others. If you have learned precious lessons the hard way, as we all have, then indeed those lessons are meant to benefit people in the same circumstances, and God is sending us to them as agents of healing and change in their own lives.

How wonderful it is that at the moment of need, you cry out to God, and He hears your prayer. He reaches out to you, and yes, He has pushed the catapult button and now you are on uncharted territory.

I will be praying for your short term memory... that God will reconnect the wires and that your memory will come to life again.

You will pass this course with flying colors, Diane. I just know it.


Diane Ronzino said...

Veronica, you made me chuckle. Bahonkas? Now, that's one this New Yorker hasn't heard. LOL...thanks for the encouraging word!

Lidia, thank you as well for your encouraging words and especially for the praying. I truly appreciate it!

Betty, I need you to forgive me. I forget that when I use the word "diet" that most people think of short-term weight loss. This whole post is about a lifestyle change in my everyday dietary intake - postive changes in what I eat, that will result in nourishing my body and therefore, my body will regenerate healthy cells, instead of "sick" ones. I apologize for not making that clear.

Pam said...

Diane, this sounds like a true blessing for you and I do believe nutrition is a key for a lot of what you are experiencing.

I've been hearing Joseph P. teaching lately about the blood points of Jesus on the cross, and beginning with where he bled in the Garden (sweating blood, probably from the head since that's where we sweat first usually) and the crown of thorns. He also made the point about Golgotha meaning skull. Anyway, all of this was to say that the first place God heals is in our brains and heads... so I've been standing on that for some of my head concerns lately and sounds perfect to stand on for your memory too... Praising God for his blood shed from that point of his body and taking and receiving all he did for me, etc...

God bless you in your studies! By the way, did you see the answer from Wordpress about commenting on my blog? Not sure what it all means, but sounded like a solution for you...

Diane Ronzino said...

Yes, Amen about the Blood points. For you, for me, for us all...isn't He wonderful?!

I CC you on my response back to him. Did you get it? I think I'll just have to close out my Wordpress account. I reply to other Wordpress blogs and never have this trouble. The enemy is at work! It will get resolved one way or another. :0)

Diane Ronzino said...

Yes, Amen about the Blood points. For you, for me, for us all...isn't He wonderful?!

I CC you on my response back to him. Did you get it? I think I'll just have to close out my Wordpress account. I reply to other Wordpress blogs and never have this trouble. The enemy is at work! It will get resolved one way or another. :0)

Lolita said...

Gee! Praise God! I could sing and dance, hallelujah!!!!

I am all for it in prayers, D. Just take down all the notes and you are on your way to finishing the book, ministering to physical and spiritual health.... and all inclusively... emotional health too.

I could not wait for the day you get your certificates, and go on teaching and writing. I know that is the major course God is leading you to take.

It was just a few days ago, I was praying about you and Martha and the rest of our circle in pain. I was saying to God..."Lord, there should be a breakthrough...... there should be something to restore aching bodies back to normalcy.... because You are keeping them, for works and for your Glory.

Now this? This sure is His answer, D.

Blessings to you from my heart, all for His Glory and strength and wisdom and power.

Martha Herden said...

without doubt-i am so happy for you to have this opportunity to reach out and work hard to achieve this dream you have held inside your heart.

Yes-I have heard from others that as we age, its tough going "back to school" because we don't think as fast (like-now WHY did I walk into this room? Or-Where did I leave my glasses-oh yes, here they are, in my HANDS!)

I know our bodies are to be nurtured, loved, taken care of-because God formed us-and yet being the humans we all are, its easy to slip, reach for something to comfort us-or perhaps taking it the other way and working our body into the ground-trying to "ignore or silence" the Pain as it constantly chews at us!

You go Diane-and just remember-please give yourself a chance to take it a day at a time.

I will have you in my prayers.

God is guiding you all the way.

Love, martha

Diane Ronzino said...

Morning, Lolita and Martha! Thank you so much for your enthusiastic words of encouragement. I do appreciate your prayers!

With God's Grace, I'll do this!

joy said...

Good luck Dianne. You Will make it. God is with you. I got my education when I was grown up coz we can't afford it when I was young. I worked at the same time to support my children, studied in different language and took care of my home. But God helped me all the way.

Diane Ronzino said...

Wow, Joy. I'm in awe of everyting you did - and love that God helped you all the way!

He will for me too! Thanks for your encouraging words!