Sunday, March 4, 2012

To Me, For Me

The pondering of my heart this morning:

Do I want my readers to be drawn to the "way" I write??? (As in "Wow, look at how she writes!")
Do I want my readers to be drawn to the content of what I write??? (As in, "Wow, how inspiring that story was!")

Do I want to use picture-words so that I create a true-to-word mental images??? (As in, feeling, seeing, hearing the words)
Do I want to use wording that causes the reader to truly hear my message??? (As in, "Wow...that really ministered to me!")

Which is more important to me as an inspirational, creative non-fiction writer??? 

What does my writing "voice" sound like???


If only I could read my writings through other's eyes...

                               ... SIGH...

Comparing emits insecurity. So, LORD, I ask You to please show me my individuality as a writer.  I think I know down deep in my heart, but I continuously compare my writing to other writers who so eloquently use fluid, picture-words. Please show me the writer You created me to be, so I can settle it in my heart once and for all, and get off this merry-go-round. Thank You, my Abba!
"Content. Hear."
"Just write."

Yes, LORD.  I'm sorry. Thank You, thank You, thank You for your patience with me!!!

"I created you to be an inspirational, creative non-fiction writer.  Enjoy just writing."

Yes, LORD, I am sorry...I will enjoy and leave the rest to You!

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Betty said...

My dear Diane...your struggle brings again those same struggles to my heart. I do so well at pushing them down, that comparing struggle especially. It kills if only used to be like who ever we compare ourselves to. But when use to gleam from as we would a good book on writing it can only then make our writing more affective.

Let me tell you first what drew me to your blog...your style was easy to read. I was drawn into your post by the transparency. My heart knew this was a woman who had a lot to write about and was willing to wait on God's timing to do so.

I think as we write to encouraged others it's really God's way of bringing more freedom to our own hearts. That freedom helps us write more to encourage, it's a good circle to be on.

It is a God thing to want to reach out beyond ourselves for the flesh is all about me. Some of us will reach few, some will reach hundreds, some will reach thousands, the key is to reach beyond our world using all the tools God has given us. So reach my friend, reach high, reach low, reach close, reach far away, teach, write, give our yourself where ever God opens a door. It's not our job to count the numbers we reach, it's our job to just reach out.


Diane Ronzino said...

Wise-hearted, Betty, you are so right. It's not my job to count numbers or results. It's my job to reach out through the medium God has chosen. Writing.

Thank you for your encouraging words to me!

Lolita said...

Diane, I did not stop, even once to think of how you write first, every time I come read your posts. From the first time I jumped over here from Pam's, there is this longing to read your next post, after the last. They are always beautiful insights, which I know for sure are from God. Then nothing is really wrong if you got talent in creative writing or has been schooled to write... all the more for His glory.... because it surely is a plus. Don't be like me, my spiritual champion. Hear and commit them to words.

Diane Ronzino said...

I teared up at "spiritual champion"! Thank you, Lolita, for your very kind words...

Right at the moment, I'm not feeling very champion-like. But, this too shall pass...Good night.

Judi S. Coleman said...

Diane-- authentic and honest! I confess that every time I got to my blog, I eagerly pull up my stats...and I feel better about the work if they are high for the week, than I do if they are low. Forgive me, Jesus. Thank you, friend, for convicting me.

Diane Ronzino said...

Judi, I'm so glad I'm not the only member of the stats counters club!

I was out today and on the way home, you came to mind. I prayed for you and that God will use your blog.

As one who suffers with chronic pain, I know how special your blog is. It is needful! Don't get discouraged, as there are more people reading than comment. So, you are helping someone, somewhere.

I appreciate you!

Christina Berry said...

Diane, I always find your blog posts to be encouraging and entertaining... which is why your blog name is so appropos! This is an uplifting, encouraging place to be, and I'm always happy to see that you've posted something new! :)

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you, Chrissy! I'll let you in on a secret. My family doesn't think I'm funny (entertaining). So, when I do come up with something funny, nobody laughs. I have to explain myself and tell them it was meant to be a "funny". So, I have a smile at the thought that you are entertained. LOL!

Martha Herden said...

HE has all the words there for you, this is obvious with the true honesty and sincere manner of your words.

HE placed them in your heart long before you even knew they were there.

HE is smiling each time you write.

Simply put-no need to compare yourself to anybody else Diane-HE made you in HIS image.

Just think-a unknown face in Texas meets an unknown face in your part of the US and HE brought us together as we share the bond of suffering with Chronic Pain.

Keep being Y O U!!!!!

Blessings and Praise.. Martha Herden

Lolita said...

Martha has spoken what is the truth. I never thought of your writings as nothing aside from God breathed. I am even trying to master how to write so briefly and yet hit the target bull's eye. I am one who goes round and round the bush.

And D, I already placed your button in my two blogs. Wahooo!!!!